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    More great stuff happening on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    If you haven't discovered The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on it's time to tune in so mark your calendars for Thursday, September 18th @ 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Hosts: the darling delectable diamond diva: Delisious Deliza and Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy --...
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    Another great episode of the Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Stars are shooting all across The Freestyle Universe as the hit series: The Freestyle Universe Radio Show has come back in a big way with Season 5, now on and soon to be on Satelite Radio!! Tune in on Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time for a...
  3. S

    Get ready for another great episode of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Don't forget to turn in to the Freestyle Universe Radio Show this Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on with the beautiful and exciting Delisious Deliza and Freestyle Authority Swins Fontenelle as they bring you another journey in to the wonderful world of Freestyle...
  4. D

    Great Sources for Rare Vinyl Excellent sites indeed!! I found a record and a cassette i have been wanting!! (I love having analogue copies of things if possible (THE SOUND IS MUCH BETTER))
  5. M

    Great Song

    It's not Freestyle, but it's great!Check it out @ it'll start playing when you visit page. :)
  6. S

    Great Freestyle Pics & Words To The Freestyle Universe

    Happy Holidays Freestyle people everywhere! I am Swins A. Fontenelle II of the Facebook group: Freestyle Universe (that has grown to be more than just a Facebook group) and I once more come to you with the Freestyle word and of course pictures of the Freestyle folks! My picture share this week...
  7. S

    Check out New Freestyle Princess: Jessica Marin & More Great Pics & News

    Hello my beautiful Freestyle people! It's Swins from Freestyle Universe (the Facebook group that is so much more!) back with new pics and great news right before the Thanksgiving holiday! This past Friday Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays (check us out on myspace) held its last Freestyle show at...
  8. S

    Back With More Great Freestyle Pics!!

    Hello Freestylers! It's Swins Fontenelle from Jackson Heights, Queens in New York City, the voice of Freestyle Universe on Facebook back once again with another great Freestyle picture-share from the Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens "Home of Freestyle Fridays". Freestyle artist: Stefanie...
  9. S

    New Great Pics of the Freestyle Superstars!!

    Hello clubfreestyle! It's Swins again and I have great new pics from the Lemon Tree Lounge "Home of Freestyle Fridays" where this past Friday the Freestyle celebrities showed up in force (Carlos Berrios, MKG, George Lamond, Coro, Artie & Legit, Saint, Fascination, Sammy Zone, Tonasia, Rene...
  10. S

    More Great Freestyle Pics!!: Judy Torres, Corina, Lydia Lee Love and more!

    Hey clubfreestyle! Don't worry some of us on here are still all about Freestyle baby!! I did FOUR freestyle events this past weekend: Judy Torres 'Intimate Night' @ the Canal Room; Freestyle Fridays @ The Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens (that featured: Lydia Lee Love); Legit's Freestyle...
  11. caramelo

    Great as an X-mas gift....

    Go to to listen to the hot freestyle dance music from local artist CARAMELO...You can also purchase the cd there or by sending a $10 money order made payable to Rafael Ramos to the address below: Rafael Ramos P.O. Box# 348 New York, NY 10274-0348 Please include a valid...
  12. O

    Great News Freestyle Collector's

    I just saved a bunch of money of my car insurance by switching to Geico. happy holidays to all
  13. D

    VIPZONE - Great DJ's Tools

    VIPZONE DJ, Techno, Trance, SAmples, Loops, Refills, Wav, Sf2, Midi, Vocals and much more!! Now available in Vipzone: ************************************** ************************************** High quality SAMPLES with miscelanous sound effects for...
  14. J

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the great peeps

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! May God Bless The CF People.
  15. ChuckD

    Oh daym! Stroke of great luck/great surprise

    Ok, when was the last time that you were hit by a great stroke of luck? Something that just happened by chance? It happened to me yesterday. My buddy Scott came in from Pa., and we were gonna do lunch, hit NYC, and then order pizza for dinner and watch "Charmed" (he'd never seen it). Funds...
  16. L

    Attention: Check Here For Great Bargains!!

  17. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Great song by a great artist

    I know a lot of you probably know this tune, but listen again, it really is a great freestyle tune. The artist, whos real name is Bernadette Suarez, is just such a phenomenal singer her voice leaves me breathless. I sing myself, and sometimes I am critical of others (in my mind, never rudely...
  18. ChuckD

    Great things about being.............

    Bravo has a new show this week, each night from 9-10, and then a different episode from 10-11. Tonights episodes were "20 Great Things About Being Fat" I didn't get them all, but it had reasons like.... You are everyone's best friend. You have GREAT cleavage You can eat what you want...
  19. Heartbrake

    Roll Bounce... Great Movie!!!!

    Saturday night I went to see the movie Roll Bounce and I just want to say I enjoyed it very much... The old songs they were playin really brought me back and though in some parts it was corny.. it was corny FUNNY... I laughed thru most of the movie.. definitely a feel good flick.. something you...
  20. L

    Great Freestyle And Reggaeton For Sale!!