1. S

    Hot Freestyle Girl Group From Spain On The Freestyle Universe Radio Show!

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show goes all the way to beautiful and historic Spain to get an exclusive interview with that country's Hot Freestyle Girl Group: The New Aristocrats on the next episode on, this Thursday, October 17th at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time...
  2. S

    Freestyle Girl Group: Sequal on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on is back with all the fun, laughs, great music and artist interviews! Get hooked on this Internationally celebrated series. Check out the lovely ladies of the Legendary Freestyle girl group: Sequal on Thursday, September 12, 2013 @...
  3. S

    Freestyle Radio Show/Next Big Girl Group & More

    Hello Freestylers, it’s me: Swins Fontenelle of Freestyle Universe and I’m super excited to let all of you know that my partner: Delisious Deliza and I will debut our Freestyle Universe Radio Show on starting on Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We...
  4. S

    Freestyle Universe Night Broadcast/Hunt for the next Freestyle Girl Group!

    Hello everyone I’m Swins Fontenelle from Freestyle Universe on back again to inform you on some exciting stuff! On Monday, December 6, 2010 The Michaela Radio Show on had its first ever Freestyle Universe Night with freestyle artists: Kay and Los of TKA...
  5. CrayoneBoy

    Girl Hang It Up! (20th Anniversary)

    GIRL HANG IT UP! Celebrates its 20th Anniversary next year! The Song with Remixes are Avaialble now on iTunes, Amazon, etc "GIRL HANG IT UP" by BYLLI CRAYONE
  6. J

    Sad Girl Freestyle Mix *free* Download Now!

    This is the mix that started the entire "Sad Girl Freestyle" mixes. It was released Dec 1995 2 weeks before Christmas I sold 15,000 copies on tapes that Christmas. Since then It has sold over 100,000 copies and has been bootlegged all over the world! The original release did not have my name...
  7. P

    Can't get this girl outta my MIND!

    Alright, I'm in the mood to get this off my chest & used to come here a lot to do I'm gonna do it anyway & there probably won't be more than FIVE of you who reads it. But any input...even ONE response, would be nice. I've been married for quite some time & my wife seperated...
  8. M

    NY Gov Spitzer Call Girl Controversey

    Since many of you are New yorkers, what are your thoughts of your Governor getting caught chilling with a few call girls at a hotel? I have to say his wife yesterday looked like she was showing real self control not to punching him in the mouth.
  9. B

    Sad Girl 1

    Can anyone help me?!! I am trying to find out who the hell sings on track number 3 on Dj juan too big perez's freestyle mix cd Sad Girl 1. I love that song. I tried everything I could to find out, but had no luck. Please help!
  10. U

    "the girl's so fly she canmake a grown man cry""

    Can anyone help been trying to remember this song for years now. the lyrics went Put on my best can't believe she said yes The girl's so fly she can make a grow man cry Was back in the late 80's Killing me I cant remember it.
  11. P

    Quick Note To A Girl Here

    I tried opening to you. As A result, you come off untrue. You come off in a different tone. But I can see behind the lines as you're there alone. Shit, it's the net. Imagine if it were in person. I can write better in print than in cursive. I can actually see your lack of...
  12. P

    How Do You Know You've Found The Right Girl (To All The Guys)

    This is to all the good single men out there with good intentions..... How Do You Know You've Found 'The Right Girl'???...... When you find that girl that truly loves you: She will always show you how much you mean to her. She will support you in what you do and the things you say...
  13. LadyOldSkool

    This Brooklyn Girl....

    Says Heyyyyy LOL Great site...makes me feel YOUNG!!! About me...Well I am Mostly into Old Skool Freestyle (the glory days lol) and Old Skool House & Electro too..... Born N Raised in Bklyn...The freestyle captial of the worrrrrrld!! LOL!
  14. P

    Insecured Girl

    You have a long way to go. You need a man to feel validated, terribly so. You know this and yet to think about it hurts your mind. Insecured girl, how could you be so blind?? Don't care to examine the man your with. Just care to want what you lack, you give in to take a sip. 3...
  15. M

    Fat Girl

    Ladies; you know your fat when your boyfriends wants to ride you like a Lowrider. :nutz
  16. O

    Mcsc Dream Girl Cd Single On Ebay Now THANKS ALL
  17. M

    More Girl Girl

    This friday, I read a report in The Washington Post; it talks about a report showing more High school, college females are experimenting bisexuality. The report talks about how many females in their early mid 20's and lates teens still feel more comfortable around each other. What do you guys...
  18. T

    Daddys Little Girl

    Like how the river flows My love for you grows It keeps flowing on in From my heart deep within In my heart youll allways be The things that comfort me You came into this world Your daddys little girl Now youve grown up so fast So much time has passed Its been so many years Ive lived with so...
  19. E

    Happy Birthday Diamond Girl31159

    Michell I know perhaps there's no chance for you right now to read this because you are in a rough period right now because of what has happened in New Orleans...but Im wishing you a Happy Birthday and it's great to know that you are alive and ok. God bless sweety and hope things get better soon...
  20. D.J. Paradise

    It's A Girl.........

    Just wanted to be the first to announce that we are having a very healthy baby Girl....... Don't ever doubt me baby,lol........... We found out this morning. God help us having another Nyasia on this Earth,lol......... Look out alllllllll Shopping Centers...... Besos to you, Nena and KelliRose