1. Colombian Harry

    World Cup 2006 Germany

    The time is getting close again for the soccer fans to get excited again. The biggest sporting event on the planet is coming next year. A few weeks ago the final 32 teams qualified for the trip to Germany. The lottery to see which teams will be in which group will happen this coming...
  2. Chris-TheNuk

    Stevie B. on Stars for Free 2005 [Germany] rockin' 17000 ppl

    Hi, we have a lil update on the Picture Section on . 104.6 RTL Radio give us some pictures from Stars For Free 2005 Event and the permission to post them (only) on but I wanne show ya that Freestyle could be a big think...:D...
  3. R

    103.5KTU Germany trip....

    Why go to germany for a Week when you can go for Three years?? And be able to purchase a BMW for less than 20k and have it shipped back for FREE??!!
  4. Chris-TheNuk

    Freestyle Radio direct for Germany

  5. sExXxe

    Off To Germany

    Hey My People I Might Be Off To Germany In A Couple Days, Just Waiting For My Mom To Get Her Visa. It Wont Be A Happy New Year For Our Family This Year Bc We Will Be Apart And Have Another Loved One In The Heavens Above. My Uncle Who Has Been Really Sick For Several Months Now Is On His Death...
  6. RealFreestyle

    JOHNNY O live flash in Germany !!!!!

    For more info's please check..... :D RealFreestyle ( Freestylemusic-team )
  7. R

    Aspiring Freestyle Artist New 2 Germany!

    Wutz up everyone out there in Europe? My name is Richie Santiago. I am a Freestyle Singer new to Germany. I'm looking for any producers or record labels who may be looking for some new artists. I sing and write my own lyrics in either spanish or english. I've done some shows in...
  8. M

    Stevie B LIVE in Frankfurt, Germany

  9. M

    New "FREESTYLE PROJECT" -Single from Germany is out now!

    Dear Electro-Freestyle Lovers, the new "FREESTYLE PROJECT" -Single "Don't Stop 2 Body Rock" from Germany is out now! Yeah, the best german freestyle act has a new single called "Don't stop 2 Body Rock"! With powerfull raps and computervoices, mega-freestyle beats and a sound of electro-style...
  10. J

    Johnny O is in Germany

    Johnny O is currently in Germany Promoting his new album: "Sounds Of My Heart" and performing.
  11. J

    Johnny O In Germany

    Yes, hello Europe this is Johnny O's manager and yes, he is out their in Germany performing and promoting his new album " Sound Of My Heart" I hope you all enjoyted the concert.
  12. PortuGino


    i would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Germany for their great run in this year's world cup.. they played so well... and today's final was a very good game!! CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Peter

    Johnny O Performs in Germany

    Hi, Johnnny O performs live at "Dancing Park Palazzo" in "Gewerbegebirt Ried, 71691 Freiburg a.N on the 11th July 2002. He will perform only 1 Time at this Club and fly back home after the show. The Performance will start at arround 23:00 Uhr Pre Sale : 14 € Evening sale 15 € for more info...
  14. FreestyleChulo

    a few questions about freestyle music in germany....

    you already prolly noticed the same questions in the canadian thread.... curious to know when did Germany embrace freestyle... what artists have participated in the promotion of freestyle there... and what parts of Germany have the largest freestyle following???
  15. F

    Freestyle Newsz from Germany

    Here is a list of some stuff released these last months in Germany, and for most of them in February.:blah Apollo: "More than Freestyle" (Album) ROMEO ENTERTAINMENT Freestyle Classic Hits (Compilation) MNF RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC Freestyle In The Mix vol.5 (Medley) MNF RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC Freestyle...
  16. F

    To Peter: new Freestyle releases from Germany (Listing)

    Hi Peter, As I promised you, here is a list of Freestyle new releases available on the market: Collage: “Tonight” ZYX MUSIC - single CD Freestyle Project: “Megamix Part 2” MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC -single CD Freestyle Project: “Music for my soul” (remixes) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC -single CD...
  17. F

    General statement in Germany

    BigMarc, I don't think it is very hard to find Freestyle music in Germany. You just have to know the good record stores that are selling this music… as in America. The better thing to do in my opinion it's to do some order directly to the record companies or stores available on the WWW. Most of...
  18. Peter

    New stuff from Germany Part 4

    - Freestyle Project "Pump this body" - MC.Gabriel" Fantasy" - Sweet TB "Let me fly" - Gina Dee "I´m waiting" ---Peter---
  19. F

    New stuffs from Germany Part 3

    Hi everyone, Here is a new list of some new stuffs from Germany, a country which seems to be more active than the United-States. What's goin'? :-))) Hope that helps! The list: *Gina Dee: "I'm waiting" (CD single) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG *Stevie B: "Megafreetylemix" / "Young girl" (CD...
  20. F

    New Stuffs from Germany part 2

    New Freestyle German stuff part 2 Hi everybody, Here is a list of some new German Freestyle releases out this month or in January: *Double Effect: "Don't stop the music" (CD single) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC *Freakstyle: "Freestyle in da house" (CD single) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC *Freestyle...