1. K

    Dagobert & Kalson 'Astronauten' EP (Dominance Electricity) ...ELECTRO~BREAKS~IDM

    Dominance Electricity presents DAGOBERT & KALSON "Astronauten EP" Electro Astronomy! After the galactic Global Surveyor 3 and Blastromen albums, Germany's "Electrofunk Resistance" Dominance Electricity returns with a split EP release showcasing a collaboration of extraordinary German and...
  2. italo512

    chefs of the future!!

    veronica and dominic getting ready to help me cook fathers day dinner.i would of took pics while they worked,but i was too busy cleaning up the mess behind them.if they could,they would of put my dog in the eggs and bread crumbs.
  3. C

    Any Chicago concerts in the future????

    All these Freestyle shows in the east coast make me want to move to NYC! Does anyone know of any future or possible shows in Chicago? I remember back in the day there were shows all the time, now we're lucky if we get one once a year. I know that Stevie B. and Judy Torres played a club out here...
  4. T

    Freestyle of the future

    hey everyone what's happening Toronto_Gino here i was just wondering to myself if Freestyle will ever get to be the way it use to be , where every club you would go to would be playing the freestyle, where cars would be driving by and they would be pumping the freestyle where radio...
  5. J

    Announcement: The Future Of Freestyle on ClubFreestyle

    Since the year 2000 ClubFreestyle has impacted Freestyle Music like never seen before in the history of Musical genre's. We have lead the way in innovative new concepts in Freestyle entertainment. In fact no other genre offers what we do to their audience. Now I would like to fill you in on a...
  6. R

    Future Cover for GQ

    "Frankie" Future Cover model For K9 GQ Magazine
  7. D

    f.f. future flava's (new dance music here)

    f.f. future flava's SEPTEMBER 2004 kdm www.energyarizonafm.com purchase, listen, stream live, find an incredible amount of the latest and recent dance music and exclusives here. www.energyarizonafm.com www.perfectbeat.com Also Available: Club eXperience vol. 3 by Dj X. which features the...
  8. D

    f.f. future flava's - (new compilation IN stores now!)

    THIS IS A f.f. future flava's UPDATE: Just incase people didn't notice, Dj X. Club eXperience vol. 3 is out. This one is all breaks and has a strong freestyle feel to it. It is breaks and freestyle. L.I.V., Plummet, B.T., these are a few of the artists on this compilation of breakbeat &...
  9. Rookie

    Future Philadelphia Eagle?

    The Philadelphia Eagles are interested in WWE Star Brock Lesnar to play football, according to Gary Papa of the Action News Channel 6 here in philly. what do you think of this?
  10. D

    FUTURE FLAVAS+, new BREAKBEAT song, (Sonique, beats, new music...)

    :welcome Just to let everybody know, there is a new BREAKBEAT song out called "never be alone" by Lucas Prata. A different version was originally released before this one came out. It has a beat very similar to that of Sonique's first hit. _This is not a freestyle artist. Lucas Prata is a...
  11. Baby1010

    My future Husband

    He just doesnt know it yet ;)
  12. mannyriv

    Future of Love

    I hide, Behind these four walls, Cause they protect me From being hurt again. But inside, In love I want to fall, But if love rejects me, This fear will start again. So where do I go from here, How do I win this lonely battle, And erase all of the fear, Sometimes I wish I could travel, Into...
  13. aim4night

    my future roomie 's bf dilema

    some of you know that i wrote about my friend having guy problems. she has been dating a guy for a little over a month now. he is finalizing his divorce. he sees my friend everyday. he calls, brings her food, and treats. he seerms attentive but then he tells her stuff like he will never marry...
  14. victorvega

    Photo of Freestyle Diva Cheree, myself and our future child

    Here is a pic Del took of us at my performance yesterday at the Peruvian festival.
  15. P

    Salsa & Bachata the new freestyle!the future is here!

    For those of you who like Freestyle dance music listen to the melodic Latin dance music bachata by Monchy & Alexandra,Aventura and Nueva Era.Songs like "Polos Opuestos" and "Hoja En Blanco" by Monchy & Alexandra or "Obesion" "Cuando Volveras" and "9:15" by Aventura have melodic vocals and smooth...

    Future Clubfreestylers

  17. P

    Christian Music The Future Of Freestyle!

    I just read an article about the Tripodi brothers that owned Tazmania wanted to start a Christian music label!Christian music is the future for Freestyle!Why?!Christian music radio stations and radio is full of dance pop freestyle sounding music!Christian freestyle like artists sell millions of...
  18. K

    yo yo yo wat up future homies

    :D Hey what's up everyone?? I'm new to this site, and I hope to become an addict of it!! I love freestyle, it's like there is a song for every emotion you are feeling..! :D AbOuT mE??!! Um..I'm a cool chica to talk to..I love meeting new people! I hope that I can leave learning things from...
  19. DOS Records

    future of freestyle

    What do you see and or want the direction of the freestyle sound to be???? This will help many procuders cater to -YOU- the true freestyle fan!