1. frankie

    Frankie new pic

    Its been awhile heres some pics of me and some Freestyle pic's
  2. Kenny Guido

    Frankie Cutlass record release party w/ RUN DMC, K7, TY BLESS

    Frankie Cutlass record release party w/ RUN DMC, K7, TY BLESS
  3. Kenny Guido


    NEW YORK FREESTYLE'S OWN FRANKIE CUTLASS IN ASTORIA, QUEENS FRIDAY! Come check me out every Fridays Grown & Sexy @ The Zone 28-43 Steinway St. Astoria Queen, New York....I'll spinning The Best Of Freestyle, House, Latin & Reggae........FREE ADMISSION!!!
  4. A

    Frankie Boy Question

    Hi, I wonder if Frankie Boy - "When We First Met" ever was released on 12inch?
  5. F

    Mix 102. 7 DJ Suing Frankie Blue

    Mix 102.7 DJ Yvonne Valezquez is suing the station along with former station program director Frankie Blue for $1 million. Last yr, Yvonne wasnt able to attend the station;s Christmas party due to family obligations. When she got to the station for her shift that night, Frankie Blue flee into a...
  6. Chris-TheNuk

    rar freestyle cds (frankie boy, rochelle, vla, holy cole, timmy t....)

    i have list some of my cds on eBay here is a list: Caleb-B - The Freestyle Take Over Stevie B - This Time Concept Of One - Concept Of One Freestyle X-Mas - Christmas Frankie Boy - Margarita (Single CD) Frankie Boy - She's Leaving (Single CD) Rei Summers - Time After Time (Single CD) Timmy...
  7. O

    Frankie Boy-my Precious Love Cd Single

    I Have One Sealed Frankie Boy-my Precious Love Cd Single For Trade/sale. Pm Your Offers. Thanks All
  8. A

    Frankie J. freestyle album?

    Did Frankie J. release a full length freestyle album when he was Frankie Boy?
  9. L

    Frankie boy songs

    I know he's making it big as Frankie J, but back as Frankie Boy he released a couple of freestyle songs so I'm just wondering if there is freestyle song of his that I'm missing. So far I got these songs: 1. When We First Met 2. Margarita (both original and miami version) 3. Believe In Love...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy B-Day Frankie~*~

    :hbday Frankie! Have a wonderful day and may you have many more to come! :aparty Oh and Happy Easter too! :bunny
  11. M

    Frankie J

    I have to say; I'm feeling Frankie J f/Baby Bash-Obsession That's a nice Jam. Just heard it on Z100(i'm streaming it on my PC) since the Top 40 station here sucks!! :jiggy
  12. frankie

    new FRANKIE pic's

    These are the most recent pic's of myself, unsure how they came out.I havent post any pic's for a long time.let me know what you think? :hithere
  13. Edalgiere

    frankie dont read might get mad -It's mostly Jenny from the schlock

    It's mostly Jenny from the schlock GLENN GAMBOA March 1, 2005 She should've called it "Deathwatch." Or maybe "Life Support." Jennifer Lopez's new album, "Rebirth" (Sony), is so misguided and poorly executed that the only thing it truly launches may be the end for her music...
  14. toni

    frankie j!!!

    i love his new song obsession!! he has such a great voice....his last song dont wanna try was just as good so what you all think?
  15. C

    The Frankie Boy,Baustisa,J, Dilema

    OK, According to a post, Frankie J(Los Kumbia Kings & Top 10 hit Don't wanna Try) is niether Frankie Boy Or Frankie Bautista? Can somebody clarify this for me, becuase I know Frankie J was a freestyle artist.
  16. R

    Pics of Frankie

    This is "Frankie" 6 months old American Eskimoe
  17. C

    Is Frankie Boy Frankie Bautista

    I wanted to know if Frankie boy,a freestyle artist from a couple years back, is actually Frankie Bautista.I have some 12 inch of Frankie Bautista, but I read somewhere that they might be the same person.Also, FrankieBoy, I know is now known as Frankie J., and was a member of the Tejano group...
  18. Kris_Vega


    This is Jesse. Email me at and let me know how you're doing.
  19. S

    looking for Frankie Cutless

    If Frankie or anyone here has a current contact for him , please e-mail at ...i have a phone contact-but won't put that up here........... thanks kindly, Shawn Michael writer/artist
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Frankie Cutlass~*~

    ????????? :huh