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    Are you as fit as a ranger?

    pushups - 80 in two minutes situps - 80 in two minutes chinups - 15 2 mile run in 13 minutes Here is my status... NO I AM NOT! pushups - 1 or 2 in 2 mins sit ups - maybe one if any chinups - none 2 mile run - I would get tired out the first few seconds!!
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    Celebrty Fit Club

    VH1 airs this funny show called; Celeberty Fit Club. This show has two teams of B-List and hasbeen over weight famous people who will lose weight for prizes. The fat celebs are; The Divorce Court Judge Mia Tyler( Liv Tyler's chubby sister) Ralphie May Daniel baldwin Biz markie Wendy/The...
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    Where do I fit In?

    Being Biracial is a beautiful thing But It can be a stressful thing Sometimes it's hard to take sides If you take sides You will not be accepted I got these vibes From the Blacks in my neighborhood I'm not black enough From the Whites on my job I'm not white enough It can be confusing and...