1. B

    Final Destination (2009),Full Movie Download dvd quality

    DOWNLOAD MOVIES FOR FREE IN HD X300 faster Download speeds.Chrystal clear sound,crisp Dvd quality.HIGH DEFINITION Watch the movies America is talking about. On what should have been a fun-filled day at the races, Nick O'Bannon has a horrific premonition in which a bizarre sequence of...
  2. Kenny Guido

    SANDEE: One Final gathering. Sat Dec 20th 2pm. Directions,fund info & more

    SANDEE: One Final gathering. Sat Dec 20th 2pm. Directions,fund info & more We are all shocked and in Mourning the death of a close personal friend and dance industry Icon. Sandra Casanas, known today as SANDY,Sandra Harvey or Freestyle artist SANDEE passed on over the weekend. One of the...
  3. D

    B96 The Final Six Mixmaster search

    Does anyone have this this record? Cassette or cd?
  4. melissa figueroa

    Final Exams Finally ova

    Final Exams are over today for me..Yayyyyyyyyy I got two more semesters to go .lol.. :shakinboo Final Exam week who ever has finals I wish you the best cause I know how hectic it is
  5. P

    XBOX360 final countdown TODAY

    Tonight @ midnight the XBOX-360 is coming out. I'm going to the mall for MIDNIGHT MADNESS to pick up mines.. I got 2 of them coming to me :). I'm taking pics of it..I'll post them here to show ya'll how many ppl is gonna be there. I'm out .. peace ya'll
  6. K

    Rhythm Radio "Top 104 Freestyle Hits" (final broadcast)

    The final broadcast of Rhythm Radio's "Top 104 Freestyle Songs" will be this Thursday, October 6th, from 12:00pm Noon (Eastern Standard Time), until approximately 8pm. Tune in to Rhythm Radio to hear the countdown! Remember, this Top 104 countdown is based ONLY on requests...
  7. A

    Final letter (English class (Strom)

    Dear Aby, My words were left unspoken, I lost you too fast. When i look back to my high school years when i met you, it hurts. That one class where we first met, I can remember it like it was yesterday. We then became the best of friends, and then we fell in love without even realizing it. You...
  8. R

    All hale The King In his Final Hours as King

    all hale the king cuase i think hes gonna go down. all hale the king. the guy who changed pop music for ever. the guy who sold more records than anyone. the guy who was so famous that madonna had to wait till 84 for him to die down for her to make her run in 84. all hale the guy who had...
  9. D.J. Paradise

    End of The Freestyle File Radio Show 6/18--Please join us for our final 2 shows.

    Hello Freestyle Fans, Music Industry and Freestyle File.Com Lovers/Haters: After a great 4 year run, The Freestyle File Saturday Night Dance Party will be done... Our 2 final shows will be: June 11th with Special guest to be announced... We will be inviting some Freestyle artists to join us...
  10. nessa's302

    Final Goodbye (El Adios Eng. Vers.)

    My Love Came To Me And Said As He Left I Have To Go Away My Love B/c In You My True Love I Have Met So W/ Tears Running Down I Said Softly To Him Do What You Have To But Today Is My End He Hugged Me And Slowly Pushed Away He Looked Into My Eyes And He Said Goodbye As I Felt His Kiss Fade So...
  11. bullboykennels

    Poll: Final Mix Set 3 DL & Rate It

    Ok as I stated yesterday in a prior thread this is the 3rd an final set in the series. That has a touch of old school flava in it. So be sure to rate it Hot or Not or Just Okay. Click Link to Download: Here is the Track Listing. Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock...
  12. James Anthony

    My Final Thoughts....

    To everyone: This past weekend, like most, I put my playlist up of my Sunday night mix for people to see, as I normally get alot of PM's and emails saying "who sings that song?" or "what remix was that?". I did not imagine the firestorm of controversy a simple playlist posting would cause...
  13. M

    Final Four Picks

    Ok everyone march madness is here and the brackets are out. What are your Final Four picks? ILLINOIS WAKE FOREST CONNECTICUT SYRACUSE Winner is.......ILLINOIS
  14. Sexyangel329

    My Final Farewell

    Well I just want to say a couple of things. I know i have come and gone from this site so many times since i have been a member here and hell I have been a member here since I first bought my comp I think was about 1998-1999 seen the site in all its changes and upgrades for various reasons beef...
  15. M

    NYPD Blue's Final Episode

    Tonight is the final episode of NYPD Blue. The only network show to say Fu*k and show a boob or a butt. Was anybody a big fan of NYPD Blue?
  16. I

    Final Thoughts (Confusion2)

    Final Thoughts (Confusion2) It wasn’t until today that I realized that love is more powerful than it seems It has the power to confuse the minds of the hearts of the people who own them As if a heart wonders about things... Like a mind does in disbelief But I always thought a heart can...
  17. La Mas Grande

    Final Goodbye

    So this is how it ends, not a final goodbye or a final kiss. It amazes me after all we have been through you have chosen to let it end this way. I thought I meant more to you but I guess that just made me a fool. I never meant to bother you or interfere in your life but lately I feel that is...
  18. E

    Final Good-Bye's Are Hard......

    Dear Users of Seven Years ago I started with a Dream to create a web site to share my passion of Freestyle music with others all around the world. Over the Years I’ve made more advances to create a better web site for its fans by adding bonus content like Freestyle Music...
  19. taezee

    i am the final

    i am known as the grim i take dreams..i let you have them tease you then snacth them away i let you think you have all the time that you will not see me soon i am the master of tears i make them fall as a rainstorm.. any one who loves you fills my resivour till the dam burst im am feared by...
  20. CivicTR

    Final Chapter

    Final Chapter I’m sorry for the things that I’ve started You know me, I didn’t want you to be broken hearted What I said was not right; please let me rewrite my wrong Seeing your bright smile(s), is what keep me strong Knowing that you’re ignoring me, I wish I can swallow a pill and die...