1. S

    Thanksgiving with Freestyle Favorite Cynthia and The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    This Thanksgiving, while you’re getting your gobble gobble on; add some Freestyle spice to your Holiday affair by tuning in to The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on www.legendsoffreestyle.com Thursday, November 22nd at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time . That naughty Freestyle Authority: Swins...
  2. frankie

    My favorite CD of 2011 is Jlo "Love"

    My favorite CD of 2011 is Jennifer Lopez "Love" deluxe edition,whats your guys?
  3. Kenny Guido

    A Traditional Freestyle Christmas Vol. 1 All your favorite traditional Christmas so

    A Traditional Freestyle Christmas Vol. 1 All your favorite traditional Christmas songs, performed by your favorite freestyle artists! 1. Silent Night_ George Lamond 2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas_ Brenda K Star 3. Hark the Herald Angels Sing _ Coro 4. My Grown Up Christmas...
  4. bkleinhe

    Nominate your favorite smiley!!!!

    I uploaded thousands of new smileys, because the old ones were all corrupted. So now even the smileys are all new. Here is my favorite smiley: :fighting0010: but these are good too! :party0007: :party0030: I especially like this one, it's sort of freestyleish? :party0023:
  5. E

    DJs Favorite Turntables!!!

    I used to DJ back in the 80's Mostly Freestyle and House music. I noticed that many DJ's had Gemini or Technics turntables. Personally I went with the Technics 1200 Direct Drive Turntables. I was just wondering as to what other DJs prefer to spin Vinyl.
  6. K

    Your favorite song of the K7 & Ty bless album

    This is a question for anyone who has or has heard the K7 & Ty bless album. I am curious to see if you liked it and what songs caught your attention.
  7. L

    Favorite 2 New School Artists

    Favorite New School Artists Angelino Caleb B Manny Six2night Jessica Marie Jeannie
  8. This Is GoodBye

    New Favorite Old Song !!!! Get It Now

    If You Can Get Your Hands On This Song Get It Now Synthia Figueroa & Willie Valentin - Love You Need You I Was Goin Threw My Old Tapes And This Is My New Fav Song...I Cant Belive I Didnt Hear This Song B 4 Its The Best FreeStyle Duet I Think I Ever Heard. MUCH PROPS 2 THEM !!! :boing
  9. SpeedTribe

    Whats Your Favorite Cuisine/Food?

    I really like Indian food, especially southern style like Madras. I like the spices, chilis, and coconut sauces. So of course Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Thai food too is fantastic. I like it hot!
  10. L

    What's your favorite PAIN track?

    I was just thinking ... since PAIN wrote back letting us know that the album is still on and hopefully will be released in the near future ... Does anyone have a favorite song from PAIN? I'm not sure if this thread was ever done before so I apologize if It was. Here's a list of PAIN's songs...
  11. SpeedTribe

    Your Favorite? Metropolitan, MicMac or Cutting

    Which label do you like the best?? Cutting was the best sound quality, but I have to go with Metropolitan.
  12. frankie

    Favorite JENNIFER LOPEZ film

    Jennifer just wrapped up finishing the true story film "BORDER TOWN" with Antonio Banderas, due in 2006.And this friday will be seen in the dramatic film "AN UNFINISHED LIFE" with oscar winners ROBERT REDFORD & MORGAN FREEMAN.You can watch her this thursday on The Today show & Late Night with...
  13. G

    Freestyle Lover's/Who's Your Favorite??

    I love Freestyle music. It's Hop Hop at its best, but who's my favorite---That's tough. I'm suck cause Im in Love with Safire and Lil' Suzy.....But Hold down ur spot. Hit it up! :lilsuzy :safire :nyasia :dj Thas wussup!!! Peace ya'll Im off this!!!
  14. Mindchime

    Post Up your Favorite Quote or Freestyle Line...

    I want to know everyone's favorite line in a freestyle song or favorite quote you have towards freestyle. "only you and i will hold the hands of time" - d'zyre =Mindchime
  15. imfromqueenz

    What's your favorite cereal??????/

    can u tell im bored out of my mind....lol Cookie Crisp Count Chocula
  16. CandyLandGirl

    Top 10 Favorite artists....

    That are still around today since the 80s (Any kinda music) 1. Madonna 2. Prince 3. George Michael 4. Deborah Gibson 5. Cyndi Lauper 6. LL Cool J 7. Cher 8. Will Smith (aka Fresh Prince) 9. Whitney Houston 10. New Edition
  17. ChuckD

    Your favorite "Simpson's" Quote

    Is anyone here a Simpson's fan????? There have been some great lines from that show.....does anyone remember any specific lines from the show that you remember???? there are two lines I always remember from that show.... 1st, Homer, Lisa and Marge are driving, and hit a statue of a deer and...
  18. M

    Favorite Hair band songs

    I'll add to the list of favorite songs of 80's icons. Love it or hate it, Hair Bands werea big part of The 80's . Most of the songs were great, but was overshadowed by their large hair. What were your favorite songs from that era? Warrant-Heaven(1989) Kix-Don't Close Your Eyes(1989) Montley...
  19. CandyLandGirl

    Top 10 Favorite SLOW songs

    1. I'll Be Your Everything - Tommy Page 2. Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson 3. I Remember Holding You - Boys Club 4. I Still Believe - Brenda K Starr 5. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey 6. You Got It All - The Jets 7. Lets Wait Awhile - Janet Jackson 8. Bump N Grind - R Kelly 9. Angel...
  20. CandyLandGirl

    Top 10 Favorite MICHAEL JACKSON songs

    1. Farewell My Summer Love 2. Billie Jean 3. Beat It 4. I Just Cant Stop Loving You 5. Man In The Mirror 6. Leave Me Alone 7. Another Part of Me 8. Scream (with Janet Jackson) 9. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (w/ Jermaine Jackson) 10. Somebodys Watching Me (w/ Rockwell)