1. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Explosion In California!!!!!!!!!!

    Freestyle Explosion In California!!!!!!!!!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?p=48055#post48055
  2. Kenny Guido


    PARTY 105'S FREESTYLE EXPLOSION in the HAMPTONS PIXXXX!!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=8931
  3. Kenny Guido

    Party 105's Freestyle Explosion!!!!!!!

    Party 105's Freestyle Explosion!!!!!!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=8808
  4. Kenny Guido

    Party 105's Freestyle Explosion @ WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!

    Party 105's Freestyle Explosion @ WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=8808
  5. Kenny Guido

    freestyle explosion @ SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM-SAN JOSE, CAL 7/24/09

    freestyle explosion @ SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM-SAN JOSE, CAL 7/24/09 http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=8779
  6. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Explosion @ nokia theater-LA, cali PIXXXX!!

    Freestyle Explosion @ nokia theater-LA cali PIXXXX!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?p=37690#post37690
  7. Kenny Guido

    4th of july freestyle explosion!!!!

  8. W

    Wired 96.5 Presents Freestyle Explosion

    Wired 96.5 presents the largest freestyle event to ever come to New Jersey: For one night only, the freestyle icon's come together for one spectacular night of Freestyle Music, featuring sas Judy Torres (No Reason To Cry, Love Story, Come Into My Arms,Faithfully) TKA/K7 (Louder Than Love,Tears...
  9. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Explosion @ Mohegan Sun Pix!

    FREESTYLE EXPLOSION @ MOHEGAN SUN PIX! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=4757
  10. T

    Freestyle Explosion hits Miami!!!!!!

    Saturday February 18,2006 James L. Knight Center Miami Fl. 8:00P.M. Starring: Stevie B. The Covergirls Lisa Lisa Cynthia Johnny O' George Lamond Noel Lime K-7 Don't miss this hot show as The Freestyle Explosion hits Miami!!!!!!!
  11. S

    Freestyle Explosion

    November 19, 2005 / Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA. / 7:30p.m. $25.50 - $45.50 STEVIE B, LISA LISA, THE COVER GIRLS, DEBBIE DEB, NICE AND WILD featuring DAVID TORRES, SUGAR HILL GANG, VAUGHAN MASON AND CREW, SOPHIA MARIA
  12. S

    Freestyle Explosion in San Diego

    I have not posted in quite a while but I wanted to share with you how much fun we had at this concert. My wife and I came back from this great concert and got to see the Cover Girls, Connie, Sugar Hill Gang, Newcleus, Expose, Nice & Wild and Stevie B. There ust have been at least 6000 people...
  13. B

    Stevie B was on TV today! + Freestyle Explosion

    He was on TV on Channel 31's highly watched morning show "Good Day Sacramento" here in Sac. I caught it when he was alreay on, and I guess from what the anchors said he had just performed a song on TV a few minutes before I turned it on. He's performing in Sacramento tonight at the Freestyle...
  14. J

    Freestyle Explosion Concert...does anybody need tickets?

    Hey if any of you are in the SF Bay Area and need tickets to Freestyle Explosion this Saturday night, I have 2 extra tickets that I need to sell for $40 each. They're even under face value, my friends can't make it at last minute. They're good seats. Center floor, Row 10. This show will star...
  15. T

    Covergirls@ Freestlye Explosion Tour

    Check out Evelyn,Lorraine, and Sabrina looking lovely as ever! Catch them live on the Freestyle Explosion Tour!!! Pic#1-- The Girls kicking off the show performing "Wishing on a Star" Pic#2-- The Girls and me (Tourboss) backstage on the tour Pic#3-- Evelyn looking lovely as ever!!!!!!!
  16. luckyg1rl

    Anyone from Cali going to Freestyle Old School Explosion

    Hello It's Kristina, Just wanted to know if anyone is going to "Freestyle Old School Explosion" either on Aug 12th in Sacramento or Aug. 13th in San Jose??? I'll be attending the one in Sacramento - It'll be my first so i'm Super EXCITED! :dancingb <---- thats the dance I did when they told me...
  17. luckyg1rl

    Anyone from Cali going to Freestyle Old School Explosion

    HEllo everyone Its' Kristina is anyone from Northern Cali going to " Freestyle Old School Explosion" in either Sacramento Aug. 12th or San Jose Aug. 13th?????? I'll be attending the one in Sacramento - This will be my first I'm super excited!!!! See ya'll later:cheer
  18. sietzsounds

    Freestyle Explosion Sandbar 7/3/05 my pics

    DJ Larry Vee kickin' it off
  19. yburgos7

    Freestyle Explosion @ the Sandbar Pictures

    The show was off da hook!!!! Here are some pics: George Lamond
  20. J

    Freestyle EXPLOSION Concert. VIP get in FREE!

    SUNDAY, JULY 3RD "FREESTYLE EXPLOSION" (watch the fireworks show from new york city) Pre- 4TH OF JULY CONCERT @ THE SANDBAR JERSEY CITY, NJ 3 INDOOR ROOMS And The OUTDOOR TIKI BAR Doors Open 8pm-- Show Time 10:30pm hip hop --reggaeton--classics--latin (ticket info will be posted next week)...