1. La Mas Grande

    Emotional Today

    On an emotional high with too many tears to wipe aside My impatient heart cries as I put on a big, bright smile The irrelevance of me is too painful to conceive yet day after day the truth is on display. My creativity seems to have gone hence this poem gone wrong The qualities that I've love...
  2. F

    Zavier -Emotional Pain

    any idea where i can get this song? I had it on tape (do you remember what that is? LOL). I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. While i'm asking... Taught Me by Edmond I lost the Love by the Girls Club Open Your Eyes by Sam SAvon Soul on Fire by & more Red...
  3. aim4night

    Emotional Intelligence... TEST

    What Is YOUR Emotional Intelligence??????? http://quiz.ivillage.com/health/tests/eqtest2.htm Don't forget to post your answers! :^)
  4. mzcrazybtch

    Emotional Silence

    Loving someone so close but yet so far The soul feeling neglected and lonely Becoming so comfortable with who you are Searching for that one and only Someone who will always be there for you To calm your every fear A person you could share your inner most thoughts with And that would never...
  5. sietzsounds

    U guys get emotional????????

    ....... when u hear certain freestyle songs???? OK here I am at the gym...... doin' a manly man work out..... sweatin'...... breathin heavy...... and Expose "Come Go With Me" plays...... I'm joggin' on the machine in a freestyle trance... singin' every word..... and I start tearin' like a...
  6. H

    Songs that touches your soul and tugs on your emotional strings.

    One song that comes to mind is a great one by Information Society. I know your all laughing but if you have ever still felt strongly about your first love, try to listen with your heart as well as your ears when enjoying the song "THINK". Run to your collection and tell me what you "THINK" no...
  7. B

    Emotional Freestyle Songs

    What songs do you thing have the most emotion and feeling in them or also what songs make you feel emotional both because of meaning or you just like that song so much it makes you emotional (like you hear the songs somewhere and you go crazy) Some I can think of off the top of my head that do...