1. D

    Electronic Communication with the Dead

    http://www.worlditc.org THIS SITE IS FASCINATING!!!!!! Electronic means ARE THE BEST WAY WE HAVE OF COMMUNICATING WITH PASSED PEOPLE!! Check it out :)
  2. D

    SEXY (The Sexy Sounds Of Electronic Music)

    This new release is a delicious new album from Amathus Music. SEXY (The Sexy Sounds Of Electronic Music) is a funky collection of soulful electronic grooves. It has all the right moves and the cutting edge sound that will heat up any dance floor. A must have for any electronic music fan...
  3. T

    Fyi, History Of Electronic Dance Music

    http://www.djforums.com/articles/030716_electronichistory.php I thought this was interesting.
  4. tearsoftechnology

    P2P File Sharing for the Electronic Musician

    Check it out....electronic p2p file sharing...for all those who produce or listen to dance music...i am finding full 12 inches! http://www.slsknet.org Look for the room, Miami Freestyle n Breaks See ya there!!! Dan
  5. M

    Return of The 1980 Electronic Football Game!!

    EA, or this other PC game company has desided to recreate the original handheld vidio games of The 70's and early 80's before Game Boy.:yeey :yeey They brought back The baseball and Football game!! When I was 5, I loved the football game!!!! Glad the childhood favorites are back!!