1. K

    Blastromen - Realty Opens LP (Dominance Electricity) freestyle-vocoder-electro

    BLASTROMEN "REALITY OPENS" (Dominance Electricity, DE-020) Finland's otherworldly Electro lords Blastromen return to the Dominance Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated second longplayer. The eight new compositions featured on "Reality Opens" continue where their debut...
  2. K

    Dagobert & Kalson 'Astronauten' EP (Dominance Electricity) ...ELECTRO~BREAKS~IDM

    Dominance Electricity presents DAGOBERT & KALSON "Astronauten EP" Electro Astronomy! After the galactic Global Surveyor 3 and Blastromen albums, Germany's "Electrofunk Resistance" Dominance Electricity returns with a split EP release showcasing a collaboration of extraordinary German and...
  3. Milanowic

    Pumping Dancers!

    New rave dance! Check it out: YouTube - Hard bass@ Vilnius (Lithuania) Pumping Dancers™ More info: http://www.squidoo.com/pumpingdancers
  4. Milanowic

    New hot electro music 2010

    Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party.mp3 Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party.mp3 - 8.7 MB Carrapicho - Tic tic tac (Twinzz Project Remix 2010) Carrapicho - Tic tic tac (Twinzz Project Remix 2010) (www.centrummp3.eu).mp3 - 11.3 MB Afrojack vs The Partysquad - A Msterdamn (Extended...
  5. djharoldrenny

    Entire collections of 12" Freestyle, Electro , Italo & more!

    All in VG+ and near mint condition. Name your price. http://www.haroldrenny.com Harold Renny's Online Record Store.
  6. tearsoftechnology

    Electro Breakbeats.com

  7. C

    Do It Any Way Ya Wanna, Breakdance Electro Funk

    This song is from the Video "Swift Rocks....and ya don't stop Vol. 2" {1983} Author: deuceboogie im trying to find a track from the 80's i think....the lyrics go " do it any way you wanna....if u know that you feel it....and the dream is in your soul....do it any way you wanna....dont be...
  8. Vinss-T

    alisha - all night passion (or electro in general)

    just wondering (cuz i just discovered this amazing track, yes call me 20 years late but oh well), is "all night passion" pretty much the same electro-funk category like freeze - AEIOU or jenny burton - i remember what you like? and could we call these songs freestyle or are they too electro? i...
  9. D

    Anthony Gitto - Turn Back - eXtatic electro mix

    Hey guys, we're still doing our best to include freestyle mixes to all of our releases, and here is the newest installment from Anthony Gitto. http://www.dashock.com/audio/turnbackfreestyle.rm Let me know what you guys think, this is the unmaster, but you get the idea. __________________...

    electro freestyle

    does anybody have any new information about the flying steps, music instructer, or freestyle project and does anybody know any other groups that play the same type of freestyle
  11. M

    12" Freestyle Records(Old School, New School), Post Disco Electro Dance for sale?

    12" Freestyle Records(Old School, New School), Post Disco Electro Dance for sale? Since I'm getting back into the saddle of DJing this summer. Just wondering if anybody got any good old and New freestyle and old school post disco dance/electro 12' for sale?
  12. D

    Another electro song...

    Hi all, Wanna avoid the debate whether or not this is freestyle, so I'll just say it's old school electro. I heard it on Salsa 98.3's afternoon mix. I really don't have much of the lyrics since I was driving... (male singer) The subject matter is kinda weird - maybe something about aliens...
  13. Company B

    Dirty, Trashy, Electro Freestyle

    Admit it, many of us love trashy dirty funny entertainment to a certain extent. With the "ElectroClash" sound gaining more & more popularity, we have had some great acts, one of them being the Latin female Electro/Freestyle dirty-duo: AVENUE D. Originaly from Miami, but based in NYC, Puerto...
  14. M

    Ey Up From Electro Empire !

    just surfing around as we put up EE site..droppin by to say hi !! i'll be back and meet y'all real soon, come and visit our site outa reeeeeal old school York. England. an old school/new school electro extravaganza !! love & bunnies PEEEEACE ! MOSSEY
  15. F

    A big French production of Electro Freestyle is N°1 in the French clubs

    Hey Guys, Just want to inform you that a big French Electro Freestyle receives every week heavy rotation on the French radios and is also played in the clubs. This song is "Just a little more love" by David Guetta feat. Chris Willis. The single is distributed by Virgin France. The 2 first...