1. A

    Best of Tony 'Dr. Edit' Garcia - The Freestyle Collection (2001)

    1. Tony Garcia featuring China Prynz - Ces'la vie 2. Tony Garcia featuring Krystal - Loving Arms 3. Tony Garcia featuring Chiny Prynz - Into Your Eyes 4. Tony Garcia featuring Krystal - You Don't Know (Remix) 5. Tony Garcia featuring China Prynz - Extasy of Love 6. Tony Garcia featuring...
  2. Nyasia

    "On The Upside" Edit Mix by DJ Paradise & Dayer

    Here is yet another Paradise exclusive mix for Club Freestyle.... "On the Upside" by Xena As most of you know, this was produced by none other than the awesome Mr. Chris Barbosa! Many questions arise about what is lacking in music these days, Well take a listen, this man took his songs every...
  3. D.J. Paradise

    Best of DJ Paradise Edit Mixes--2 CD comp w/new Edits not available @ The File site..

    Hello, as you know, Saturday 6/18/05 was the last of the Freestyle File Saturday Night Dance Party and wanted to thank everyone for their continued support for the past 4 years. I received some emails asking about some of the Edit mixes that were not put on the site and was suggested to me to...
  4. A

    Eyes of a Stranger Edit

    I recently had to re-format my hard drive and I thought all my mp3s were backed up, but I seem to have lost Safire's Eyes of a Stranger edit??? Anyone willing to share? Thanks.
  5. bullboykennels

    DJ Willy V.- Edit "A Day In My Life Without You " by Willie Valentin.

    This is a extended edit mix by DJ Willy V. Hope you enjoy it. Any replys will be appreciated bad or good. Thank you very much. The song is by Willie Valentin titled A Day In My Life Without You. I love this song and think that Willie Valentin has a great Voice.
  6. melissa figueroa

    A night at the edit block

    I was wondering who editied that I know its various but I am shocked i couldnt pin point who was the editors :( anyone know..
  7. PeteZavala

    My First Full Length Edit [I have Dreams]

    Sup CF? I love editz to the fullest and thought I'd give a full length track a shot. I went with Eileen Flores "I Have Dreams" cause I think this track is amazing. Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think. Enjoy!
  8. Tony G.

    Dave The One Matrix Edit Of Nu Image "It's Not Right"

    Click on the following link to listen to an Dave The One Matrix Edit of Nu Image "It's Not Right" Let us know what you think. Most of all let Party93.1 In Miami know. Toll Free 1-888-931-0931 you can call from all over the country is a free call If NUimage's "Is Not RIght" will be on party...
  9. Nyasia

    WooHoo! yet another Edit Masterpiece Exclusive...

    Yup folks for your listening pleasure...I will soon be posting another CF exclusive Edit Masterpiece by DJ Paradise...this time he tore it up on my best friend Safire's "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" and damn it's off the chain! HAHAHA Beat TIMDOG to the teasing!...LOLOL With Respect to my good friend...
  10. Nyasia

    "Turning Away" edit mix by DJ PARADISE!!!!!

    I am posting this for Paradise because being a guy he has used up all his attachment space..LOLOL...but just want to say that this song is off the hook, a strong message. If Christina Marie reads this... from me to you...YOU GO GIRL;) Quote from DJ Paradise. "Here it goes........My first...
  11. lilshygyrl

    dub edit remixes of In Paradise?

    does anyone know if there are any dubs, edits, or remixes of In Paradise by Laissez Faire? And if so where can i find them? I have the oringal and the club mix, are there any others? :flowery
  12. B

    sa-fire let me be the one radio edit - where does it come from

    i have this tasty little edit version on the b-side of thinking of u, usa + uk 7". now im curious as to where this mix originates from. no mention on the uk press. but on the usa it states "b-side available on cassette and compact disc configurations only". clearly it wasnt on the vinyl lp. now...
  13. E

    Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl Edit

    Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl edit mix by DJ Mr Edit Lubin
  14. E

    Heartbreak - I'll Never Stop Loving You edit mix

    Heartbreak - I'll Never Stop Living You edit mix by DJ Mr Edit Lubin
  15. B

    just hrd 4 1st time savour where do i..chip chop edit

    Savour - Where Do I Belong (Chip Chop Power Edit) just heard this for the first time, and wow what a great record. all those samples in it and latin house & tribal snippets, along with kraftwerk. it was awesome. just thought id share my joy o joy!
  16. D.J. Paradise

    Ashley Edit Mixes, sell for good cause....

    Hello Freestylers, I am hoping this doesn't get moved as it isn't a plug... As you know, the new Ashley single, "Here We Are" has been release and making a huge buzz. The song is hot, period........ The song has 9 versions plus the bonus track, "When's It All Gonna End". Half the proceeds on...
  17. D.J. Paradise

    File Radio/Chat 3/27-Ashleys,Here We Are Edit Mix--On the road w/ Nu Image 4/30/04

    The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, March 27th, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the Club Freestyle chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO SHOW, JUST GO...
  18. D.J. Paradise

    Willie Valentin Edit Mix

    Ok, it's Edit time again. For those who love Edits or is a Willie Valentin fan, please check out the new Willie V. Edit Mix @ our site. We premiered this mix in front of Willie when we were in Ians house in Miami a couple of weeks ago. I think it was safe to say that he liked it,lol...
  19. D

    Matrix Edit Mix with Outtakes

    What up Freesylers. Here's an Edit mix with outtakes included. You may have heard this on Dj Paradises Mix Show on Saturday in Miami and this past saturday; I made a mistake when i burned the cd and left some outtakes; I was called about them and decided to add them as part of the mix...
  20. D.J. Paradise

    File Live Radio & Chat 3/13--Willie V. Edit Mix

    The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, March 13th, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the Club Freestyle chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO SHOW, JUST GO...