1. E

    DVDs in your collection you have yet to watch?

    Which movies in your collection you have yet to watch? I have yet to watch Lord of the rings II extended edition :D
  2. E

    What are some of your most favorite dvds?

    Yes it's me...mr dvd guru over here I absolutely love eating dvds for breakfast lunch and dinner. :D What are your favorite DVD's in your entire collection? 1) Dark City 2) Matrix 3) Matrix Reloaded 4) Matrix Revolutions 5) Superman 1&2 -antonio

    need help on what dvds i should pick up

    whats up movie freaks lol i need help on good dvds to get i just picked up swat last week i got scarface for christmas i got training day for christmas badboys2 now im stuck on what to get next the only other dvds i own are from Jay & silent BoB and all the friday movies etc so if u know what...
  4. R

    Kings and Queens of Freestyle DVDs at Best Buy

    I just thought I would let people know, if they don't already, that Best Buy stores now carry the DVDS "King and Queens of Freestyle: Then and Now (Stevie B.)" and Kings and Queens of Freestyle Vol. 1 for $9.99 a piece. That is a great buy. I don't know when the new ones come out though. I live...
  5. E

    Who here has purchased those Freestyle DVDS ???

    I just purchased Kings & Queens of Freestyle Presents: Stevie B Then And Now DVD and Kings and Queens of Freestyle, Vol. 1 DVD if anyone else wants to purchase them, click here here is a listing of whats on the Kinds & Queens of Freestyle Vol.1 DVD DVD Menu Side #1 -- Play...
  6. Freestylepete

    THE New Kings & Queens DVDS

    These new dvds are awesome Great Quality Entertaining I will give it 5 stars out of 4. Awesome i cant wait to see future volumes. YOu got to buy them for yourself.
  7. P

    freestyle dvds???????????

    does anyone know about freestyle dvds coming out or are out does anyone have freestyle live dvds or cds??????????????? please let me know