1. D

    Teaching Your Children To Drink

    http://web.archive.org/web/20031204105327/http://www.lewrockwell.com/wallace/wallace135.html Interesting...... I havent ever liked any kind of BEER,alcohol,etc..... THEY TASTE GROSS :D (I dont know how people can stand the taste of it)
  2. E

    How many of you love to drink water?

    Years ago I was heavy on drinking soda and hated water. Until I found out that water keeps me more refreshed and cleans out my body as well as help clear out my skin. I know some people that hate drinking water lol I think a few glasses a day can help the body stay more nourished and allow more...
  3. Edalgiere

    New Energy Drink On Market

    And It Is Awsome Its Called vamp So Far The Best Tasting Going To Makea Drink Tonight This With Vodka And A Shot Of Jager Let U Know If It Good
  4. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Do You Drink?~*~

    Could be beer, liquor, coolers, wines, etc. I drink mostly coolers and wines at home once in a blue moon. I may have a beer like twice in a YEAR. Don't really care for it. I have my drinks when I go out so I guess I drink when socializing only. I love my "red devils". I don't like to...
  5. latinocop

    A new Drink

    For you Chuck www.gayfuel.com
  6. Company B

    8, 9, & 10 yr old kids who curse, hit their parents, steal, threaten, smoke & drink

    8, 9, & 10 yr old kids who curse, hit their parents, steal, threaten, smoke & drink I saw these kids on the Maury Povich show the other afternoon when I was home, & they are mad disrespectful, & out-of-control. & What makes me angry, is that there parents start crying acting like they dont know...
  7. E

    New Type of Drink

    Got a flashback
  8. LaBettyBoop

    What's Yours? Name your favorite drink...

    We all know there are thousands of drinks out there. But someone told me that I need to try a drink called a "juicy p***y". :eek: Well I won't order that drink but I'll tell my husband to order it one day when we go out. :blah My drink is a Cosmopolitan. What's your favorite when you go...
  9. lonely4eva

    Don't Drink & Drive...........

    :nono Don't drink :cheers and drive........ Instead smoke :zoots aaaaaand fly......:lol