1. ¤

    Dreamgirl artist needed. Please help

    I'm looking for the artist of I song I believe is called Dreamgirl or You're My Dreamgirl.. *NOTE* I am NOT talking about Dreamboy/Dreamgirl by Cynthia and Johnny O. The lyrics are as follows VERSE 1 I was walking down the street girl when i saw you passing by my attention wandered toward...
  2. CandyLandGirl

    Dreamboy / Dreamgirl Remake?

    Did anyone make a remake of the Johnny O / Cynthia classic DREAMBOY / DREAMGIRL
  3. CoOl_AL_FrM_qNs

    to my dreamgirl (copywritten)

    i remember seeing you on that hot summer day you sang change on mewhich blew me away when i saw you i knew it was love at first sight my heart would be pumping if you and me have an endless night and if loving you too much might be all wrong then i dont wanna be right for i still be holding on...
  4. aim4night

    Attn: dreamgirl

    where you at the big apple bar yesterday fri. 9/19?? i swear there was a lady who could be your twin, if it wasn't you..:D
  5. aim4night

    ATTN: 4everfreestyle,crazygirl,dreamgirl,toni,chuck & other NJ peeps

    Ok u must know that Freeze & Judy are performing tomorrow night @ Joeys. Well who's going?? maybe we can meet up.
  6. M

    Mike at DreamGirl's House

    I had a nice time for St Patty's day at her house. Had lots of coronas, great dinner. But the best was enjoying all the whip cream and chocolate syrup the was!!!! Thanks Meg;)
  7. D

    This DreamGirl has finally arrive

    ;) QUE PASA MI GEnte!!! Finally I have a chance to intronduce my self at all the freestyle Lovers, Hey Im only 19yrs but I grew up with Freestyle thanks to my Uncles and cousin LOl. There has nothing that surpasses this type of music, (*well I also listen to a lot a Latin music shaking my...