1. T_mac

    Forgot about dre freestyle this is my first one so tell me what you think

    IT SOUNDS ALOT BETTER IF YOU PLAY THE FORGOT ABOUT DRE INSTRUMENTAL I dont know much but i do know this ima live my life i wont trust no bitch tell yo lies talk yo shit start that drama ima throw my fist ima do me you just do you step to me best bring the whole crew and when were...
  2. Liz_Torres


    Hey BABY I hope you're safe in Kuwait!!!!!!!! BIG upz to you guys!!!!!! Much respect ( jamaican voice) I LUV U and I miss U... get back safe!!!! there's alot happening w/ the shows too bad your missing it (teasing)
  3. myonlysweetie

    Doctor Dre & Ed Lover...

    Even though this is not Freestyle.. I love listening to Doctor Dre and Ed Lover in the morning and to hear that this happened ..its disappointing!!! January 30, 2004 -- The Doctor is out. Popular hip-hop DJ Doctor Dre was abruptly fired yesterday by his radio station, Power 105. Dre, who...
  4. Liz_Torres

    Chat guest Dre'

    Dre' & Liz:hearton