1. B

    DRC Project, Freda and co on 100% Freestyle vol.6

    100% Freestyle Vol. 6 Various Artists Miami bass Records/Distel Media Group/Sony Music Germany Imported in Caanada by Cargo/Fusion III Our very own 2003 DRC project debut single "And I" along with the Odeon Records bunch, Freda, Kim Esty,Dario, Serge and Lucy Falcone occupy half of this new...
  2. B

    Coming Soon- DRC Project European Release

    We are happy to announce that DRC Project's debut release from last year on Odeon Records, "And I", has been licensed in Europe and will soon make its debut first in Germany. Original radio and extended freestyle mixes along with italo/trance remixes are now serviced to record pools. Stay...
  3. D

    DRC Project - And I REMIXES

    CF, you've supported the remixes that we've done so far, and thank you for it! Last week we got our package from Italy with the official remixes of "And I", i hope you'll be surprised. We'll be putting them on the site the second we can!
  4. D

    DRC Project Official Site

    Hey Guys! The "DRC Project" just finished a new remix for Sony Records! It will be out this Fall 2004 and in the states soon! "And I" Was Released on "The Return of Planet Freestyle", and remixes are done for international labels!! www.drcproject.com Ciao for Now! Long LIVE CF!
  5. D

    DRC Up Close!

    A New Section has been opened, and Planet Freestyle Artists will be the first "DRC Up Close Feature" Civic has already collected alot of your questions, but we are extending it for a few more days to accept new questions. They can be either Personal OR General Questions for all the artists...
  6. 1sxychica

    Ahhh Yeah! Drc Has Done It Again!

    well the DRC CREW to be correct.... They made a remix of AUDREY's "I KNOW"! It's a FREESTYLE remix too! and it sounds AWESOME guys! I'm also happy for Audrey, being a French-Canadian... and getting her stuff recognized .. you go girl! SO y'all call-in Z or do whatever you can to get that...
  7. D

    Drc Mix

    http://www.dashock.com/DRCMIX.ram Hey Guys, I made a mix last night.. i was bored..it's just some new, old tracks that have been stuck in my head for some time now. If you want to know my style..and don't know me personally..then check this mix and let me know what you think. The mixing is...