1. L

    Dimi - only one

    download this song.......leave some feedback....click on link below http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18TAFRIL
  2. SONYA


    Hey all I'm glad to finally tell you guys that Dimi finally has her own site!!! Her new song is playing on the home page...check it out www.dimimusic.net Her new song is amazing :listen
  3. SONYA

    Dimi Site Up And Running!!!

    Hey all I'm glad to finally tell you guys that Dimi finally has her own site!!! Her new song is playing on the home page...check it out www.dimimusic.net
  4. Vinss-T

    about Dimi - I Have Dreams

    on that planetfreestyle cd.. (which i was listening to again today) what's that line in the chorus of dimi - i have dreams, i cant figure it out.. "i have dreams of you and me together can't you see and ... forever ( ? ? ? ) 'cause baby i have dreams" anyone know it?
  5. latinfreestyle21

    Where can i buy Dimi's Cd?????

    Hey peeps if anyone knows where i can buy dimi's cd let me know
  6. latinfreestyle21

    Where can i buy dimi's cd?

    Hey whats up does anyone know where i can buy dimi's cd thanks...
  7. SONYA


    I'll have an update on one of Canada's best new skool freestylers very soon :nutz
  8. J

    Plz Help...Emjay, Zoe, Dimi, Freda....

    Ok, I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in helpin me find the release dates from these artists-month and year, wheter on CD or not. Any help would be wonderful :thanks Emjay Zoe Tamara Freda Elissa Dimi Kathy Phillips Marilyn Dia CJ Irene Sasha Monik Garo Tribe Kim Esty Solina...
  9. SONYA

    Dimi Interview

    1-How long have you been singing? All my life, but professionally about 5-6 yrs. 2-Freestyle as you know is not the most popular type of music presently, yet you still decide to sing it, why? Because I like it and this is the first type of music I started singing professionally. It comes...
  10. SONYA

    Dimi Interview

    Well I am so happy to announced that I will be interviewing Dimi (can you tell shes one of my faves), I've met her before and she has an amazing personality to back up that amazing talent...but enough of me praising her...any questions pm me this interview will be up in a couple of months :)
  11. SONYA

    Dimi Interview

    Ok this is some amazing news...DIMI has answered my e-mail and is up for an interview...so you know the drill you got questions, concerns WHATEVER pm me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yeey:
  12. SONYA

    Info on Dimi and/or Vita

    Dimi and Vita are two amazing freestyle artists that actually are not all that popular. Ne ways because of that all I know is that they are Canadian and that they are amazing singers. Does Ne one else have ne other info. Thanks WHEN GOD CREATED GINAS HE CREATED ;)
  13. SONYA

    Info on Dimi

    The artist dimi, crazy for you, im in love, yur the one. Does anyone know nething at all about her cuz i cant find no info on her wuts so ever. Thanks
  14. G

    Dimi Live Right Now

    Yes it is Wednesday, time for another installment of the Johnny O show live 2 net @ 9pm EST on www.canadianfreestyle.com Yes this week you can catch Johnny talking about his wicked weekend...including all the info that he can remember about Friday @ Flight 2000. Oh yes and Johnny will have a...
  15. PortuGino

    Dimi - Only One

    wassssup people !!!! i just have a question for everyone, i recently downloaded Only One by dimi, is this a new song?? what does everyone think about the song?? i personally think it is absolutely amazing !!!!!! it's one of my favourites right now, it is new to me !!! crazy song ...