1. Kenny Guido


  2. legit

    Special Live Radio Show Saturday December 10

    Hello everyone, here is another File Update.... SPECIAL LIVE RADIO SHOW SATURDAY DECEMBER 10: Yes, a bunch of us are heading out to The Bronx this Saturday to have our Battle of Sexes on the interaction game called SceneIt and then, at 9:00 we will be broadcasting LIVE from Hitman and...
  3. ChuckD

    CF People's Choice for December!!!!

    Ok everyone, it's the last month of the year! Get your posts up and vote for the songs that you are rocking to! Just a side note, I will be closing this thread in the last week of December, between Christmas and New Year's Eve. This will allow me to post the final results of December, as well...
  4. Krystal

    TOP 10 for December 2004!!!

    Mmkay people!!!! Let's make this a banner month for votes!!!!! Last month of the year and then ChuckD will do his Top "Whatever Number" for the Year! LMAO!!!!!!! Not sure if it's 20 or 25! Might be higher than that! Get to postin!!!! :stoned
  5. U

    Illusion Saturdays Inside Corona Nightclub- December 4

    Kick off your December weekend inside Corona Nightclub on Saturday December 4,2004 inside Corona Nightclub- 1720 Queen Street West @ King Street West for Illusion Saturdays. *OVER 200 PEOPLE ON GUESTLIST FOR THIS SATURDAY *Doors open @ 9pm *Party Till'' 6AM *2 Rooms *Ladies free on...
  6. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~CF In December~*~

    Why don't most of us CF members get together in December for a dinner to just hang out and have fun socializing? We can all meet up in the restaurant. We just need to decide on the location. We can be reasonable and go to BBQ's. Eat, drink, and just have fun laughing. I'm looking at...
  7. J

    Party 93.1 Not So Silent Night 3 at the Miami Arena on December 11

    Party 93.1 Not So Silent Night 3 at the Miami Arena on December 11 at 7PM. Tickets go on sale through ticket master on Saturday, November 6, at 10am. There will be four different prizes categories for reserved seating; $75, $50, $30, $20. Artist confirmed already are: -Lasgo -Erotic...
  8. aim4night

    December bday peeps

    A very big shout to all December babies:hbday have a great one!! :cheers
  9. Krystal

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - December 2003

    List em up! This is the last month of the year and if I'm not mistaken...ChuckD will be compiling a Best of 2003 based upon your votes throughout the year here! Correct me if I'm wrong Chuck! ;)
  10. K

    t.k.a .george lamond .k7 show brooklyn new york december 21 2002

    december 21 2002 club panache formerly enigmas host by speedy of ktu male/female hot body contest 1646 62 street bklyn tel 718 837 9606 promoters number 718 595 2824 doors open at 10 pm
  11. N

    TKA in BK December 21st ????

    Does anyone have any more info about this show??? The calender just says TKA in Brooklyn. Someone let me know!!!! :)
  12. Krystal

    Top 10 Freestyle CDs/Albums - December 2002

    Get to posting! Deadline is December 10th! :heee
  13. Krystal

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - December 2002

    Top 10 Singles - December 2002 Let's get to posting people! Deadline is December 10th! ;)
  14. victorvega

    December 14 Show In Philly - Is It Cancelled?

    Heard this show was cancelled!?!?!? Can somebody confirm this? In salsa I am used to people letting me know a week or two in advanced, how come in Freestyle, nobody picks up the phone and tells the artists? I feel it's not fair to the artists or the fans because if you had other plans you...
  15. H

    "Wake Up Dancing" requests and stuff for December 28th, 2001...

    Attention "Wake Up Dancing" fans and listeners... Happy Holidays, all! I beginning to prepare the next two editions of the "Wake Up Dancing" Freestyle music and interview programs which air on Friday mornings from 6am to 9am Central on WLUW (88.7 FM) in Chicago. The show is also webcast on...