1. D

    Electronic Communication with the Dead THIS SITE IS FASCINATING!!!!!! Electronic means ARE THE BEST WAY WE HAVE OF COMMUNICATING WITH PASSED PEOPLE!! Check it out :)
  2. frankie

    This Site Is Dead

    how sad, with all these spam on everything, I guess there is no way of cleaning it up.This site used to be so much fun, now its dead R.I.P CF
  3. E

    MSN Messenger is now dead

    Say hello to Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger Some more info if your up to reading it:!1pa8Iikfy0xU3xf4W911Jq4Q!147.entry
  4. lachicabella

    Rosa Parks, Dead @ 92

    A great woman, who made history, has died. It was because of her that today, people of color can sit anywhere on the bus. Read on:
  5. M

    Reality TV Dead?

    Even though they are still on TV. But not many of these shows are Top 10, barely making The Top 30. More networks are pitching Dramas and Sitcoms. Is reality TV dead? Even though not dead, what do you think caused it's heavy decline? Here are my thoughts: 1. Oversatuation. Networks were...
  6. G

    Dead Flowers...

    By your grave I weep, wishing you alive How can I go on without you breathing by my side? By your grave I see these dead flowers that still grow Engulfed in cold and bitter air and burried beneath pale snow By your grave my tears fall somehow watering these dead flowers The smell of grief fills...
  7. Chris-TheNuk

    If you still thinking Freestyle is dead....

    ... you won't belive.... I coming home from "Stars for Free 2005" Big Event in Berlin Germany. You didn't belive that Stevie B. was there and was rockin' the house. He was rockin' 17000 (seventeen thousand) ppl. it was a awsom show. Can't really belive that so many ppl was singing songs...
  8. NuJerz2001

    Another plane crash....leaves 160 dead :(

    MACHIQUES, Venezuela - A chartered jet filled with tourists returning home to the French Caribbean island of Martinique crashed Tuesday in western Venezuela, killing all 160 people on board. The pilot had been attempting an emergency landing after both engines failed, officials said. Wreckage...
  9. ChuckD

    New George Romero Film, Land Of The Dead

    First, we had Night Of The Living Dead. Then, the Dawn Of The Dead. Then, the Day of The Dead. Now, the next installment, Land of The Dead. In this new film, humanity is living in a city that has been walled off. The dead are still returning to life to kill and eat the living. However...
  10. NVDisMa729

    **CF Is Dead**'s quiet. Everybody chillin at the Copa while I'm here in ''Deadtona" bored eating McD's. :bangbang
  11. ChuckD

    George Romero's trilogy (Night of The Living Dead, Dawn of, Day of) gets new segment

    First, there was "Night of the Living Dead" Then, "Dawn of The Dead" Followed by "Day of The Dead" Coming this summer, the next installment of this story. "Land Of The Dead". In the film, the zombies having taken over the world and those left alive are confined to a walled-in city that...
  12. edde333

    Japanese Siblings Live With Dead Father

    TOKYO (March 8) - Police on Tuesday questioned three siblings after it was discovered they had been living with the decomposed corpse of their father for nearly a decade, an official said. Police found the body of Kyujiro Kanaoka lying on a futon bed at the family's home in Itami city in Hyogo...
  13. LaBettyBoop

    *~*~Dead Man Alive~*~*

    I came across this a little while ago and it's crazy................. INGLESIDE, N.C. - Larry Green stepped out of the darkness so suddenly that the car that hit him didn’t even leave skid marks. The impact sent his shoes, socks and the unopened beer in his hand flying. Green came to...
  14. F

    Moesha Star Lamont Bentley Dead @ age 31

    Lamont Bentley who played "Hakeem" on Moesha starring Brandy died Tuesday night. He was in a car accident in San Diego and is survived by 2 young daughters. May he rest in peace and God bless his family.
  15. M

    Reality TV dead?

    Not really, but i'm glad it's falling down. Starting this sept, ratings for all the big shows like Survivor, fear factor and bachlor have been slipping in ratings. More reality TV shows like The Will have been pulled after 1 -6 episodes. The fact is, the shock value of this genre is wearing off...
  16. M

    Former Major League Star dead from overdose

    Former 1996 MVP Ken Caminatti diedthis Monday at age 41. Yesterday it was reported that The Autopsy found he died of a drug overdose. 3 Years ago, I think I posted that he came clean that he used Steriods during his MVP year and 50% of MLB players uses steriods. What a sad ending
  17. tearsoftechnology

    Freestyle is'nt dead....

    I always hear Freestyle is dying and after being in the electronic scene for 15 years, I see where freestyle should go and adapt too.... breaks....every vocal breaks song does well. some are freestyle songs. ex freestyle producers now produce breaks. I think if freestyle would embrace breaks...
  18. F

    Singer Rick James Dead

    I just went to CNN's website and there was a breaking news bulletin that Rick james was found dead today in his apartment. Dont know any other details yet. Randi (FreestyleGal)
  19. E

    Kirk Douglas' youngest son found dead

    Kirk Douglas' youngest son found dead 7/7/2004 10:31 AM By: Capital News 9 web staff An autopsy is planned on the body of Eric Douglas, the youngest son of Oscar-winning actor Kirk Douglas. He was found dead of an apparent drug overdose Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment building. Eric...
  20. M

    Ummmmmm, Why Isn't Saddam Dead Yet???

    Do they need me to go down there and :uzi C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.Z.E.??? No. Seriously. Are they waiting for some stupid crap to happen?? For instance, like one of the Alqueada members to kidnap one of the U.S. troops as bribe for the releasing of Saddam??? Do these people think of the...