1. T

    Why so much hatred?

    I am wondering why there is so much hate personally directed towards Evelyn of The Cover Girls. While I don't agree with all of the beefs the OCG have towards "previous management", I can at least see both sides of the argument. I can even see why some traditionalists may have issues with the...
  2. S

    Angel from the Cover Girls on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on pays tribute to Freestyle girl groups on the Thursday, September 13th's all new episode!! Girls groups like The Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Laissez Faire, Solid, Brooklyn Queens and so many more have made the Freestyle world...
  3. frankie

    The Original Cover Girls are back!!!

    Angel,Caroline and Margo are back,finally the real thing.Angel is our Diana Ross and The Cover Girls are our Supremes!
  4. B

    Cover versions of freestyle

    Which freestyle songs have been covered? I can think of .... True love never dies & tell it to my heart by kelly lloreana with flip & fill. Doman & Gooding - Hooked On You (David Guetta Remix)
  5. M

    Vouge Cover; LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien

    Lots of controversey from mainly black sports colomunist trashing the latest Vouge Mag cover with LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien. ESPN writer Jemile Hill(who is black)writes; "wearing gold in this picture and his basketball pose make him look like a gorilla and show himself like many think of...
  6. ChuckD

    Classic Freestyle Reviews-The Cover Girls

    Show Me Review by Alex Henderson The original members of the Cover Girls (Louise "Angel" Sabater, Sunshine Wright, and Caroline Jackson) weren't fantastic singers; their voices were undeniably thin. But then, no one honestly believed that they were the next Martha & the Vandellas. Despite...
  7. S

    Former Cover Girls

    Hey all--does anyone have any info on former Cover Girls Michelle Valentine, Margo Urban and Caroline Jackson?? Just wondering what they are up too! Thanks.
  8. F

    Cover Girls - "Satisfy" Album

    I just bought this CD online. I wanted to know what everyone thinks of it if they have heard it or have it. I just started to hear it.
  9. CandyLandGirl

    Favorite Cover Girls song?

    Mine is ... 1. Because of You 2. My Heart Skips a Beat 3. One Night Affair 4. Better Late Than Never
  10. S

    Cover Girl "Satisfy" Album????

    I just received my Cover Girls "Satisfy" cd from YAHOOO! But sadly, I didnt know Evelyn wasnt on this cd! Did anyone ever see The Cover Girls from this album? The cd is pretty good actually. But my favorite cd to date is "Here It Is" Does anyone know the status of the group? Im still...
  11. B

    Lil Suzy, Lissette Melendez, Cover Girls in Sacramento 2nite!

    Lil Suzy, Lissette Melendez, Cover Girls in Sacramento 2nite! Performing at Empire Night club at 15th and R Streets in downtown Sacramento. This is the biggest club in Sacramento, so it should be crazy! Also Jose Melendez from Wild 94.9 in the mix. website...
  12. O

    Cover Girls In Miami May 29th 2005

  13. B

    old cover girl single?

    Hi everyone i just got a copy of an old cover girl single "I am woman", (mainly for the acappella version). Now the strange thing is I am sure on the album it's Michelle valentine performing lead but this single the vocal sare completly different. On searching the cover for more info i found...
  14. H

    Noel's cover? MP3

    Hey, please take a listen into this great cover of Noel's "Like a Child" by a friend of mine here in Brasil. you can download 4 versions here: please let me know what do you think. :biggrin Freddy
  15. PRicanPrince

    Lisa Lisa & The Cover Girls In Boston !!

    Are you ready for it? Star 93.7's Star Style Ball 2005 is coming, and every year it just keeps getting bigger and better. Star Style Ball, Boston's premiere tradition where music and fashion meet. Thursday, April 21st at the Roxy and this year the divas take over. Click here for a list of the...
  16. frankie


    Jen looks beautiful on the cover of Blendar and takes on the haters. Here is some snippet's of the article....... "It's not fun to have your life played out by people who don't know you" "I didn't like the way I was being portrayed.I'm not a walking soap opera.This criticism-this...
  17. taezee

    mannys new album cover (designed by taezee)

    new cover design by yours truly
  18. L

    Seduction? Cover Girls?

    Hey y'all -- I was just wondering whats going on with these 2 groups. I know they were back and doing some shows but all of a sudden they are silent again! Does anyone know if Seduction and The Cover Girls are working on new albums or still doing shows? whats the latest tea????
  19. L

    any new 411 on cover girls?

    Hey All--Im new to the board and I was just wondering if anyone had any new info on The Cover Girls? new album? single? shows? anything at all???? thanks!
  20. taezee

    mannys new album cover (not really but funny)