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    Cory Centric Music Show no 74 Playlist & Download link

    Centric Music Show Hosted by Cory Centric 10th August 2009 Show Number : 74 1.Version - The Brighter Side – Jimpster – Dub 2.Roy Davis Jr. - Paradise (In Your Mind) feat. Terry Dexter - God Life Music 3.Alton Miller - TIme On 2 (Zero In Something Remix) - ProgCity Deep 4...
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    Cory -Centric Music 29/6 playlist & download link

    Centric Music Show Hosted by Cory Centric 29th June Show Number : 69 1.Subsky - Ups & Downs - Spacey Sense EP -Prog City Deep 2. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - Final Tide (Incl.Charles Webster Mix) – Go Deep 3.Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet - Think About - Amenti Music 4.Roy Davis...
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    Cory Centric Music 13/6 Playlist & Download

    Centric Music Show Hosted by Cory Centric 13th June Show Number : 68 1.Stephen Rigmaiden – Your Love Keeps – Original Mix - Centric Music 2. Unknown – Vibrations (Re eq) - Unknown 3.Solan - Gotta Use It - Gorge Remix - Seductive Beats 4.Lars Behrenroth -The Way You Move feat...
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    American Idol's Cory

    Im sure by now most of you have heard about Cory Clark being let go from American Idol after neglecting to tell the producers about his arrest for allegedly beating up his sister and then resisting arrest. I feel really bad for the producers of the show...they try to do something legit and find...