1. S

    Corina on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    There's a celebration going on at the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on on Thursday, February 20th. Bottles are being popped, music is blasting and the laughter and good times are unending! Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy: Swins Fontenelle is birthdaying it up...
  2. frankie

    Corina's New Latin track

    I been loving Corina new song ""Aunque Me Duela",I love when freestyle artists do salsa and do it good!Corina sounds great,I can't wait to hear more!you can buy download song on or
  3. S

    Hold on to your seats!! New Corina Pics!!

    Hello my wonderful Freestyle people!! The summer is heating up and so are things at the Lemon Tree Lounge "Home of Freestyle Fridays" in Elmhurst, Queens! Freestyle diva extraordinaire: Corina rocked the house this past Friday and I have all the pictures to prove it! Check them out via this...
  4. Kenny Guido

    Nocera, Corina & Nina Martinez In Brooklyn This Saturday!
  5. S

    More Great Freestyle Pics!!: Judy Torres, Corina, Lydia Lee Love and more!

    Hey clubfreestyle! Don't worry some of us on here are still all about Freestyle baby!! I did FOUR freestyle events this past weekend: Judy Torres 'Intimate Night' @ the Canal Room; Freestyle Fridays @ The Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens (that featured: Lydia Lee Love); Legit's Freestyle...
  6. E

    Theyre trying to wipe out all of Corina's videos!!!

    From Corina: Hello all :) I am feeling blessed today. In truth I wasn't feeling too blessed this morning upon awakening to some disturbing news but I have found my way back to what no one can ever take from me, from you, that peaceful place that resides within. All I have to do is quiet my...
  7. Kenny Guido

    CORINA this SUNDAY!!!
  8. H

    The hottest studio in 1989...WCYC with Legit and Corina, Sweet Sensation!

    Here's a look at some young, fresh faces of the late 80's as they made their appearances on my Saturday Afternoon Special on the classic WCYC (90.5 FM)...a closer look at the photos will expose a EBS booklet hanging on the wall behind Sweet Sensation, Louie "Legit" "FFWD" Lou and Corina-who on...
  9. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    This is a call to ALL ClubFreestyle members and visitors... I have decided to offer a full download of my new single "Let It Go" (featuring Corina) for a limited time. I realize that just giving a little low-quality snippet on my site doesn't give much to judge. Anyway... the song is not...
  10. CandyLandGirl

    CORINA Question

    Ok, This might sound strange, but I have to ask. And Please dont take this offensively. You know how there is more than 1 girl going by Debbie Deb and more than 1 girl going by Giggles? Well, I was looking at the 12" single to "Temptation" by Corina and then the 12" to "Whispers" and they...
  11. Ivan Diller

    Corina appearing in "Fear and All of Me"

    If you all haven't checked out Corina's show "Fear and All of Me" at the Producer's Club Theater on West 44th Street, it's running through the end of this week. Sunday, June 12th is the last day of the show. I saw it last night and it's amazing. Through characters, she tells her life story. If...
  12. M

    Corina's Performing Off-broadway!! Don't Miss It!

    Hello FREESTYLE FANS! Billboard Top Ten recording artist, CORINA, whose hit song Temptation topped the charts in 1991, debuts her one-woman show Fear And All Of Me Off-Broadway beginning Tuesday, May 24th through Sunday, June 12th, 2005 in New York City’s Producer’s Club (358 W 44th St., b/w...
  13. Sexyangel329

    Corina Live

    The below information is provided to us courtesy EvaSoul. It is also posted in the If You Could Thread, but this way more members could see the provided info. Thank you Eva :) Corina OFF-BROADWAY DEBUT!!! POP/DANCE RECORDING ARTIST CORINA PEPPER NEGRON DIRECTS FEAR & ALL OF ME A One...
  14. E

    Corina Live only until June 12

    OFF-BROADWAY DEBUT!!! POP/DANCE RECORDING ARTIST CORINA PEPPER NEGRON DIRECTS FEAR & ALL OF ME A One Woman Show Written & Performed by Corina Katt Ayala @ The Producer's Club May 24- June 12 Tickets $20 in advance, $25 @ the door TICKETS ON SALE NOW!! Visit or...
  15. Ivan Diller

    Corina on KTU This Sunday, May 8

    Corina will be co-hosting the freestyle show on KTU this Sunday night at 9:00 along with Judy Torres. If you heard her on DJ Paradise and Nyasia's show a few weeks ago, you know you're in for a good time, and if you didn't catch it, now's your chance to hear Corina and call in and ask questions...
  16. D.J. Paradise

    BIG Thanx and Shouts for a great Show with Corina 4/16/05

    Just wanted to stop by say thanx to all who stopped by on Saturday. The show was absolutely awesome!!!!!!! Huge thank you to Corina, Safire, Pepper and Frisco for hanging out with us in Brooklyn. (Que bumpy ride fue` eso,lol) Yo, the answers Corina was giving was straight up NO BULLSH*T...
  17. D.J. Paradise

    Corina & Safire LIVE 4/16 @ The File Radio Show w/ Paradise, Nyasia & Dayer

    "The Freestyle File Saturday Night Dance Party" Come join us this Saturday April 16th from 7-11 PM with DJ Paradise mixing LIVE along with Dance Artist "Nyasia" and Dayer hosting. If you want to chill and relax, laugh, listen to good music, this is the place to be before you head out to do...
  18. D.J. Paradise

    Questions to ask "Corina" for this Saturdays LIVE Freestyle File Radio Show --4/16/05

    Questions to ask "Corina" for this Saturdays LIVE Freestyle File Radio Show --4/16/05 Hello, I know I have not been here in a while, but have been very busy and wanted to atleast post about this upcoming show. As you know, Corina will be live in Brooklyn doing the show live with us. She has...
  19. L

    CORINA's OFFICIAL website...

    peep it out....she's looks amazing!!!!! this site is definitely OUTTA CONTROL!!! WWW.CORINAKATTAYALA.COM .......she has a very good summary of her life as a "freestyle" artist and what it was like, along with hot pix, its still developing but check it out!!! :sbounce
  20. O

    Corina Cd Single On Ebay Now GOOD LUCK!:jumpr