1. frankie

    congrats JENNIFER LOPEZ for American Idol..

    my girl Jennifer Lopez will finally be back in spotlight as a judge on American Idol also she has a new music video and album coming soon..its about time i miss her!!I guess we will have to wait for sumner break or shows hiatus for new film, maybe better stronger roles are on the can...
  2. frankie

    Cyndi Lauper congrats

    Cyndi Lauper is nominated for best Dance album of year at Grammys for her album "Bring Ya To BrinK" Its a great Dance CD, I still play it alot."Into the Night life" is a an excellent dance song.Hope she wins
  3. ChuckD

    Congrats to cf member/moderator LaMatrix

    This morning at 7:06 am, LaMatrix gave birth to her son, Victor. weight is 9 lbs, 14oz length is 20 inches Congrats baby!!!!! :baby :cparty :aparty :baby
  4. frankie

    Congrats JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!

    Congrats to my girl Jennifer Lopez for four MTV video Award nominations.My girl definitly puts out the best quality and original videos out there, congrats-Love ya!more info Don't forget to watch & look for Jennifer's sexxy new single & video coming soon....."Step Into...
  5. M

    Congrats To Desperate Housewives!

    The emmy nominations were announced today and my favorite new show of the year received 15 nominations - just about all the leading ladies received nominations except nicollette and eva. i also want to congratulate LUPE ONTIVEROS who played Gabrielle's mother in law on the show. She received a...
  6. L

    Congrats Mama!!!

    Congratulations Stephanie!!! Im Congragulating My Sister For Her New Job As A D.a. You Go Girl U Made It !!! Keep Up The Good Work , Good Things Happen To Those Who Are Patient And You Got What You Wanted Im Proud Of You!!! I Love You Mama , The Family 's Proud Of You!!! Bueno Suerte...
  7. DiaMoND_GiRL

    *.*Congrats to...*.*

    My mommy and daddy!! :D... today is their 20 Yr anniversary. Wow... Congrats mom and dad. Thank u so much for sticking it out and heres to 20 more years... :D :cheers
  8. michelle28

    Congrats to Jennylicious!

    I just wanted to say Congrats to my girlie, Jennifer....SHE'S GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!! :baby Sweetie, best of luck to you and your man...i am sooooo happy for you. if anyone deserves it, its you babe!! I love you and i'm here for you (as always) if you ever need me. CONGRATS!!! :yeey
  9. Cheree

    Congrats to Psycho and Broken Hearted!!!

    Congrats to Noel and Jackie on the birth of their little girl, Lynora Gonzalez. Best Wishes to the family on this special event. :bparty
  10. HennyLuv159

    Congrats to Me..........

    My 1000th post, awwwww s**t............:hohsit
  11. Freestylepete

    Congrats To our New President John Kerry

    Just wanted to say Congrats to our New pres John Kerry and VP Edwards! Way to go!
  12. crazygirl


    I just wanted 2 say congrats 2 my partner in crime Meg, tomorrow (Thursday) she graduates from NYU Girl I'm so happy for you and so proud of what u have done, you r truly someone 2 admire, all your hard work :read has paid off, I wish I could be there 2 see you make your speech, but hey we...
  13. frankie

    Congrats Young Megaton!!

    LOL to YOUNG MEGATRON & his girl AMY for renewing their vows, I think its cool and I just wanted to congradulate you guys,LOL I know the day coming soon in late may:losmile
  14. ChuckD

    Congrats to the newest members of our VIP family!!!!

    Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate our newest VIP winners from the last Sunday night chat, ChinitaSensation and Taezee. Just like MonaLisa a few weeks ago, they were the first to answer the questions I asked in the chat, and have a one year VIP membership free!!! Congrats to...
  15. J

    Congrats & MAD PROPS To

    Congrats and MAD PROPS to the New CF Subscribers - ENJOY!!!!! If you havent yet, subscribe ! info: Big Ass Props Going Out TO All The Peeps Online now: *Sophia*, aim4night, Baby1010, cArLiToS WaY, colvs, Crystal2001, D.J...
  16. MonaLisa

    *~Congrats to LaNenaDeOro~*

    :yeey I have to be the first to congradulate Taina (Lanena) on her engagment!!!! :biggrin Girl .... you have been NOTHING but a great friend to me. If it wasn't for this site we woulda never met!!!! I wish you and Luis the best of luck, I don't wanna go on, then you will hear my speech now...

    congrats to my sister

    just wanted to share the news that i got and congrats to my older sister she is getting her ring tomorrow nite and a wedding is set for the fall of 04 congrats that means i gotta dress up in a tux . and now i will be the last one to get married since my younger sister got married in 2000 ...
  18. M

    Congrats to National Champs; LSU/USC

    Well, thank you BS eerrrrrrr BCS, USC and LSU are co-National Champs. Okla, biggest fruads of the year. Those who backs the BCS gets what they deserve. This proves the system is a fruad.
  19. D

    Congrats To Dj Pardise & Dj Highteck

    Check out DJ's Paradise and Highteck live on Latino Mix 105.9FM Next Wednesday... 9/24/03 Congrats Guyz and Good Luck! It's Times To Rock The House.
  20. Sexyangel329


    I know he isn't going to see it but I wanted to congratulate my ex man who has been a good friend to me Luchi and his wifey they are also having a babie she is about two months along so congrats my nicca now u aint got to worry bout being God Daddy to my son lol but I still got you on the list...