1. S

    New Freestyle Compilation CD Highlighted On The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    A Bangin Hot NEW Freestyle compilation CD has hit the market: NuStyle Records-In A Class Of Our Own Vol. 2 "Hidden Gems" and The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on has all the news about it on the Thursday, June 23, 2016 episode airing at 8:00 pm Eastern...
  2. djmerkone

    Upcoming Freestyle Compilation

    Hello Everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted anything serious on here. However, I am coming with great news. I am going to be releasing a freestyle compilation this summer, and I still have a few slots available. If you or someone you know are interested in participating, feel free to...
  3. J

    12" Compilation Freestyle Box Sets

    I am requesting anyone to post their recommendations. My recommendations are: Micmac Records, Inc: 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 1 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 2 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 3 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 4 Cutting Records, Inc: Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 1 & 2 Freestyle’s Best...
  4. W

    11 Freestyle Compilation CD's Up For Bid

    I have the following full length compilation freestyle CD's up for auction on EBay: Item #4816599937 1. Willie Valentin's Artistik Records presents - Freestyle Mania 2 (14 songs by various artists) 2. Wise Guy Records Presents - NTB Freestyle Vol. 1 (13 songs by Various artists) 3. Replay...
  5. Angelino

    Freestyle Fantasy 3 ( Compilation )

    Freestyle Fantasy 3 ( Just around the corner ) Caleb B, Jessica Marie, Cri Babie, Angelino, Richie Santiago, Marcos B, Joe Zangie and many more.
  6. Castillo6973TM

    In Search For A Compilation Freestyle CD

    I'm looking for a compilation by the name of FREESTYLE SENSATIONS VOL. 2 which was pulled off shelves 6 months after it's release. It's a Synthetic Rhyme/Gruv Records Compilation released in May 1999. Can anyone tell me where I may be able to get this compilation, perhaps a second hand CD store...
  7. E

    New R&B/Hip Hop Compilation CD featuring Eva

    Here's the poster for the compilation featuring Eva's new song Hypnotized featuring Lyriq of the Fellas - Track NO. 23 Also featured on the CD are Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Amerie, Fat Joe, Olivia ft. Llyod Banks, Valentino, Donell Jones/Jermaine Dupri, Faith Evans, Mario and more..... it's a...
  8. Company B

    My new lil' compilation

    Trying something different, I decided to make a personal 2-disc collection of new songs, (or songs from recent years), that are remakes of 80's songs, or heavily sample, an 80's song. Only a few are Freestyle (or Freestyle-like). Not in any order, Here are the songs I have chosen: BLACK EYED...
  9. B

    Time for another Compilation

    First off I have been searching this site too long without regestering, so today i took the plunge. Ive been into freestyle since the early 90's, growing up to this music and having a mother as cool as mine who introduced me to this music. I really enjoyed the freestyle collection that...
  10. D

    f.f. future flava's - (new compilation IN stores now!)

    THIS IS A f.f. future flava's UPDATE: Just incase people didn't notice, Dj X. Club eXperience vol. 3 is out. This one is all breaks and has a strong freestyle feel to it. It is breaks and freestyle. L.I.V., Plummet, B.T., these are a few of the artists on this compilation of breakbeat &...
  11. V

    FREESTYLE, Lost & Found compilation available NOW!

    Hey Freestyle Fans, Just wanted to let you know about a new Freestyle filled compilation with new and UN-RELEASED music featuring artists like JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ, LINA SANTIAGO, MALYSSA, SHARYN MACEREN, JULISSA, ALVENDIA, NATALISE, and more... click below to check out samples and get all the...
  12. S

    Larry Vee - Fantasy Freestyle Compilation

    Hi there... I need the tracklisting of this CD! Please help me out. Thanx! :yoplease
  13. D

    Philly Freestyle Compilation

    I am looking for artist and suggestions on what songs to choose from. I will be doing a compilation of artist from Philly. Any suggestions? Let me know? I want to give a tribute to Philly artist like BadBoyJoe did for NY. I appreciate any help, suggestions, and support on this.
  14. D

    Philly artist compilation

    I am looking for the artist in Philly to join on and give me the O'kay to do a compilation. If BadBoyJoe can do it for NY then it is time for someone to step up in Philly and do this. I would love to do this and I am sure the fans would love it as well.Let Me Know???? :)
  15. B

    Freestyle Compilation

    Hey has anyone ever heard of a compilation that was called "Florida's Freestyle" or at least a compilation that had the word "Florida" in the title? I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks :D
  16. F

    2nd Compilation Record Release Party (E.L.I RECORDS)

    Sup Guys!!! Just wanted to let you know that I am working right now in putting together the record release party for: ESTILO LIBRE 2 "Lluvia De Estrellas" the compilation album will include 10 songs and the following are: 1. ESTILO LIBRE "Doy Mi Vida Por Ti" REMIX 2. ARTIE RODRIGUEZ...
  17. F

    New freestyle compilation???

  18. S

    Latin Wear Compilation Cd

    Latin Wear Fashions, a new clothing company out of Houston Texas is preparing to drop a ten artist compilation CD later this year the Cd will feature almost every genre of Latin Music availible. They are looking for salsa-merengue, Latin House/Dance, FREESTYLE, Hip Hop, and Rock en Espanol. We...
  19. O

    New Freestyle/ Dance Compilation I saw advertised on T.V.!

    The compilation is mega beats. The compilation consists mostly of freestyle than dance music. Yes, I saw this advertised on T.V. I felt so glad when I saw clips of some of the old school freestyle vids like Linear- Sending All My Love, Cover Girls- Show Me, Stevie B- Love And Emotion, Nu Shooz...
  20. Elear

    A New Compilation Comming Soon!!!

    I heard 1 Song Tonight From This Compilation being Released On MARCH 26th!!! The Song Is " Love Goes On " By: Natalise The Name Of The Compilation is Called " IMPORT JAMZ " Yous Know How Hard It Is For Me To Like A " progressive " Freestyle Song... When I Tell U...This Song Gave me FU**IN...