1. Chris-TheNuk

    rar freestyle cds (frankie boy, rochelle, vla, holy cole, timmy t....)

    i have list some of my cds on eBay here is a list: Caleb-B - The Freestyle Take Over Stevie B - This Time Concept Of One - Concept Of One Freestyle X-Mas - Christmas Frankie Boy - Margarita (Single CD) Frankie Boy - She's Leaving (Single CD) Rei Summers - Time After Time (Single CD) Timmy...
  2. Sexyangel329

    Keysha Cole

    OK as always I have to recommend a great CD. Its rare to find a whoel CD with every song being a good one and this one made teh list she worked with a lot of great artist Her single I Changed My Mind which was produced by Kanye West and was actually recorded before his own song came out and was...
  3. cArLiToS WaY

    **CLiVeLLeS & CoLe**

    Does anyone know the number of Freestyle tracks C & C remixed or produced? I'm listening to the "Greatest Remixes Vol.1" and it just dawend on me that they were a HUGE influence in the early years of Freestyle, doing remixes for Sandee, Lisa Lisa, Lydia Lee Love, the Cover Girls, etc. and...
  4. C

    What happened to Debbie Cole?

    Does anybody know what happened to Debbie Cole. I haven't heard her beautiful voice on a record in many years.