1. Sal Collaziano

    Kia Soul - Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (This or That?)

    So... What do you think? YouTube- Kia presents: A new way to roll 2010.
  2. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle People's Choice hits for January 2006

    Ok month, new year! Let's see everyone's picks for their top hits for this month! Remember to list your choices artist first. It makes it easier to do the month end and year end chart! :) Here are my picks, so let's see yours! 15. Josie- Parlayin' 14. Eva- Tear Us...
  3. ChuckD

    CF People's Choice for December!!!!

    Ok everyone, it's the last month of the year! Get your posts up and vote for the songs that you are rocking to! Just a side note, I will be closing this thread in the last week of December, between Christmas and New Year's Eve. This will allow me to post the final results of December, as well...
  4. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 People's Choice for October

    Ok everyone, put up your votes!!!!! There were so many songs I wanted to include, I extended my own picks to a Top 15. Please list your picks, artist first, then song title. Thanks!!!!!! 15. Miles Petty-Close Your Eyes 14. Miles Petty-Let It Go 13. Ricky Vaz-See My Tears 12. Aby-Right...
  5. P

    Anyone noticed this on MUSIC CHOICE

    I have digital cable & I was checking out the MUSIC CHOICE channels & they have all different types of music.. except one.. FREESTYLE MUSIC!! Why don't they have a 24/7 station on MUSIC CHOICE of freestyle music?? They have OLD SCHOOL RAP...SMOOTH R&B...CLASSIC R&B... SALSA & MERENGUE...etc...
  6. cArLiToS WaY

    ~54~Loleatta Halloway, Linda Clifford, First Choice, France Joli~54~

    Can anyone here make a list for me of all or some of the record labels from the mid-to late 70's and through the early 80's. I'm aware of SalSoul, West End, Prelude, Casablanca, etc. but I know there are more that I'm missing. Any input regarding those labels and well as European/Canadian...
  7. latinfreestyle21

    Peoples Choice: Top 10 For July!!!!

    Well Whats Up peeps Tomorrow is Fourth Of July... And Have a Happy and Safe One here Are my Top 10 for July Ayna- On The Dance Floor Asha-Touch The Sky Lil Suzy-Walls Of Love Nyasia-Love & Harmony Zoe-Innocence Nu-Image-Whos Gonna Give You love Stefano-I wonder Why David-Seven Days a week...
  8. Edalgiere

    music. is it your drug of choice?

    was wondering if peeps here use music as there drug. good music of any genre can be very addicting. alter the mind at times makes your body move even shake and even can put a person into a trance like state. i love jazz rock classical dance muisc of all sorts including freestyle of course i...
  9. ChuckD

    People's Choice, Top 10 for June!

    Ok everyone! Here is the thread for you all to vote on your top 10 songs for the month of June!!!!!! Remember to list them artist first, then song title! Thanks! 10. Zoe- Innocent 09. Elissa-One Last Chance 08. Artie & Legit - One Never Knows 07. Broken Promises- Angelino 06...
  10. R

    Music Choice Musica Urbana....

    Music Choice Musica Urbana has been jammin Freestyle ALL DAY!! And I mean like the good ISH!!! Everything from Jelly Bean to Ammoretto "Clave" Jellybean was born 07 Nov 1957 in the Bronx. Real name: John Benitez. The nick name came from his intials and the phrase:" You know what I mean Jellybean?"
  11. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle People's Choice picks for May 2005!

    The clubfreestyle People's Choice picks for May! Ok everyone.......remember to place your picks up for the month of May, and list them artist first please. 10. Raquela-Here We Go Again 09. Caleb B.-Under The Moon 08. Mariposa ft. Cuddie Cut -Infamous Lover 07. Ashley-Here We Are 06...
  12. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle People Choice. Top 10 for April

    10. Raquela-Here We Go Again 09. Caleb B.-Under The Moon 08. Mariposa ft. Cuddie Cut -Infamous Lover 07. Ashley-Here We Are 06. Jennifer Glass-I Can Almost Feel You 05. Cynthia/Lissette Melendez-I Can't Change Your Mind 04. Nyasia-Each Time 03. Latin Nation-Saying Good-bye 02...
  13. M

    Music Choice, Musica Urbana

    Since there are lots of Reggaeton heads on CF mainly me. If you have Music Choice on your cable, there is a channel called Musica Urbana. All it plays is Reggaeton!!!!! I'm hooked on that station. That is my favorite station next to Dance. :dj :mdance
  14. ChuckD

    What would your choice be?????

    Ok, we are going to assume that reincarnation exists for everyone for this question to make sense. I saw an interview with a psychic/astrologer on tv once. She said that when we die, and get to heaven, we are given the "choice" to go back and live life again, or stay up there. Imagine you go...
  15. ChuckD

    Your "junk food" of choice.....

    Ok, you're in the mood for junk food....what do you want???? Pizza with everything???? Chili Dogs???? Buffalo Wings??? Ok, I had my junk food today. LOL....just before the snow hit, I went to a place called "The Red Chimney". I got a double cheeseburger, and a side of french fries with...
  16. frankie

    What Happened to PEOPLES CHOICE TOP 10 for NOV???

    Just what happened, I have been gone for awhile, please let me know thanks
  17. Angelino

    If You Had A Choice

    If you had a choice to pick one artist to perform for your Birthday Party who would it be? Lil Suzy
  18. ChuckD

    Top 10 People's Choice, September 2004

    ok people, let's see those lists for your picks for the top freestyle tracks for September! List them artist name first please! ;) I will be posting my picks later, as I have 3 cds coming in the mail, and want to check them out, and possibly add them to my countdown.
  19. M

    Top 10 People's Choice September 2004

    Ok peeps. Let's do this shit again. Pick your top 10 freestyle songs for September!!! Remember to first list the artist name and then the song title. It makes these jerky's jobs a little easier. 1. Latin Rascals- Lisa's Coming 2. Lisette Melendez- A Day In My Life (After Dark Mix) 3...
  20. ChuckD

    Top 10 People's Choice August 2004

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for August. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10...