1. S

    Freestyle Artists: April, Cheree, Edee, Emery, Damaris and Jen Mallilo Live In Queens

    Get your tickets now to the Hottest Freestyle Event of the year with performances by: April (“Someone To Hold”), Cheree (“Got Me Loving You”), Emery (“Tears Shed”), Edee (“Baby It’s You”), Damaris (“Lie To Me”) and Jen Mallilo (“Give Me One More Chance”) and special appearances by the cast of...
  2. S

    Party On The Freestyle Universe Radio Show with Cheree & Lovari

    Tune in to the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on this Thursday, February 23rd at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time for on the air interviews with Freestyle artists: Cheree and Lovari!! It's a show full of laughter and entertainment as Delisious Deliza and Swins Fontenelle...
  3. victorvega

    Video - Chereé live @ Telemundo

    Here is a clip of Chereé performing at Telemundo!
  4. victorvega

    NeW aNd ImPrOvEd Cheree website

    Even though Cheree officially has quit Freestyle, I as her manager have convinced her to do a few shows and I have been working on some projects regarding her. One of them is the website which will remain long after her final Freestyle show. The website has gone through a major overhaul and...
  5. victorvega

    Cheree to perform live on Telemundo

    Cheree will be performing live on New York tri-state area Telemundo 47 on October 14, 2005 on the morning show, Primera Edicion. This show airs from 5:00 am to 7:00 am. Performers on this show usually go on around 5:50 am and 6:50 am. This will be a live transmission and other than the music...
  6. ChuckD

    Happy Birthday to freestyle artist Chereè

    Happy birthday Chereè!!!! Wishing you health, happiness, wealth, and freestyle!!!
  7. victorvega


    The official website: Even though Cheree is on hiatus the site is still up. Here you can find photos with, fans, other Freestyle performers, video clips and more. There are two versions, FLASH and HTML. Allow some time to load for the flash especially if you have a dial up...
  8. Tony G.

    Nu Image , Peter Fontaine and Cheree NYC

    Memorial Day Weekend Friday May 27th Nu Image Returns To NYC Performing "Tears In My Eyes" "It's Not Right" and Exclusive New Music from their upcoming album. This will definatelty be a Nu Image appearance you won't want to miss. Also Pefroming that night Peter Fontaine singing "Just Like...
  9. Edalgiere

    better late then never pt2= cheree at palmers grill long island feb 04

    cheree was awsome as always
  10. victorvega

    Cheree at club Polusa

    This Saturday night December 11, 2004 Chereé will be performing at Club Polusa in Roselle New Jersey. Cheree will be performing her classics and her new song from DOS Records: Sunrise Sunset Ladies - FREE Admission until 10:30 pm FREE Hot Buffet! Taste great Polish dishes at our POLUSA...
  11. tanktruck

    It's Cheree's Birthday!!

    :apartyHappy Birthday to:aparty Cheree. :cparty
  12. P


    DOes anyone know cherees website?????? Can u post it . :thanks
  13. victorvega

    Chereé @ Palmers - PHOTOS!!

    Here are some pics from the show at Palmer's on Feb 13, 2004. Thanks to all who came down and showed support, Chereé gets interviewed live on Party 105. Peace and Love!
  14. DJ Soul

    Cheree @ Palmers

    and here she is
  15. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~ Cheree's Performance ~*~

    Who made it to see Cheree perform last night? Please post up pics and tell us how you it went. Good Morning CF. DJ Legend called me to see if we were going but I still don't have my voice back completely. Sound like crap! :lol Hope everybody enjoyed themselves.
  16. Edalgiere

    cheree @ palmers

    first of all shout outs goes to freeejack kenny guido dj soul dos dj legend victor vega and of course cheree herself cheree is a great singer and her new songs are great
  17. Edalgiere

    who is going to Cheree At Palmer's On Long Island

    ok folks who will be attending this show please say eiy :thepatrio
  18. S

    Cheree At Palmer's On Long Island Feb 13th

    And The Party On Long Island Continues!!!!!! We Are Pleased To Present Cheree At Palmer's Bar And Grill @ The Vanderbilt, Fri. Feb 13th...once Again, Live Broadcast On Party 105!!! Hosted By Party 105 Dj Diva Astra How We Doing Now?? Much Love And Thanks To Victor Vega For Helping With...
  19. victorvega

    Victoria (Little Chereé)

    A pic of Victoria. Chereé's and my little girl.
  20. E

    Cheree to Co-Host on the Friday Freestyle Fix

    Cheree to Co-Host on the Friday Freestyle Fix on 11/15/03 WBUG 1570AM The Latin Explosion 9:30PM Amsterdam, NY area