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    DJ Cheeto - Lost In Love

    i know there was an old thread about this, but i decided to make a new one because the other one's been up since last august... OK, DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS CD? I'VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR IT FOR A FEW YEARS. I JUST GOT A CASSETTE A FRIEND DUBBED FOR ME AND ITS STARTIN TO STICK. SO IF YOU GOT THIS, REPLY...
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    Need Dj Cheeto Lost In Love

    Hey Everybody. I Have Been Looking For Dj Cheeto's Lost In Love. He Is A Local San Antonio Dj And I Have Been Looking For This Cd For The Longest Time. If Anybody Out There Has Extras To Sell Or Is Willing To Make An Excellent Copy Please Holla Back. We Can Negociate As Needed. Thanks! Amor!!1