1. Kenny Guido

    *attention* street team needed for queens/flushing area asap! Please call sal @ 1-914

    *attention* street team needed for queens/flushing area asap! Please call sal @ 1-914-725-0011
  2. Sal Collaziano

    Freestyle Promoter Roll Call

    If you're here to promote Freestyle dance music, than I need you to reply here so I can give you access to do so. Promotions posted here will not only be seen on this site, but the various social networks around the internet. It's very important to me, us, Freestyle dance music and all it's...
  3. Sal Collaziano

    Freestyle Roll Call

    Okay. Who's here? Who still likes Freestyle? Or am I all alone in this community? Let's hear it from somebody. At least name your favorite Freestyle artist - and/or song, if you can choose just one... ......Go! :)
  4. M

    NY Gov Spitzer Call Girl Controversey

    Since many of you are New yorkers, what are your thoughts of your Governor getting caught chilling with a few call girls at a hotel? I have to say his wife yesterday looked like she was showing real self control not to punching him in the mouth.
  5. E

    National DO NOT CALL Registry.....

    National DO NOT CALL Registry..... JUST A REMINDER... 31 days from today, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS... To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: >...
  6. Dianita

    Screen name vs. real name- what do you prefer fellow cfers to call you?

    As I have started to come out of my shell and am starting to become less shy here on CF, I wonder how I should address some of you. Is there an etiquette? Is it okay to use someone's name if they have it in their signature. This has been my first forum, so I'm not sure and I don't want to offend...
  7. lilshygyrl

    why dosent he call?

    i have a big thing for this guy i grew up with at school, we used to hang around in the same clique of friends, then we all lost touch, everyone moved away. its always been very strange between us he's always seemed to like me, his whole family stares at me like theyve heard all about me, he'd...
  8. R

    Call for info now...

    All the info you want about the ARMY If you have an awesome job now, then call for info on the ARMY Reserve. Nevertheless, we have over 150 jobs that you could qualify for and choose from and have it in writing. 845.343.1006 Cant hurt to call, not like I can get you in the ARMY over the...
  9. Edalgiere

    a call to order

    any one interested in joining the CF thread improvement committee please post up :sunshine :)
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Got A Call From Florida~*~

    I got a call from someone in Florida that wanted me to send her my resume because there's going to be a "Leasing Consultant" position opening up soon in the same apartment complex where I want to live. :D I was so happy. I have my fingers crossed. I'm praying! :) That would mean a major...
  11. LaBettyBoop

    ~**~I Got A Surprise Call~**~

    From Nessa!!!!!!! That's why I wasn't on CF. She had me laughing! She's so cool. Can't wait to meet Nessa in April. :)
  12. T

    Roll Call for Sec. 5 at Orchard Beach, Bx NY

    How many of you guys got to experience section 5 at Orchard Beach, Bx, NY at the height of the freestyle days?? Come on guys... I remember Kashim, Dazza, Gucci, (Rare Arts), Soave, and sooo many more of you!!!!! Let's reminisce...
  13. F

    trade,swap share call it what u want

    peeps i want to share my mixes,meaning i wanna trade music that is freestyle,full lenght cds of artist or freestyle mixes.let me know if someone intrested.
  14. L

    not sure what to call this one....

    do you ever wanna run away, go somewhere where no one knows you just start over, no more i'm sorry's, and live your life for you im sick of being there for everyone when they need a hand where's MY help when I need it, why can't YOU give a hand no more "i'll scratch your back if you scratch...
  15. SexyBeast

    Souls That We Call Friend

    88______________________________ _ 880_____________________________ _ 88_____________________________ _ 88_____________________________ __ 880_________________________ _ __ 888________________________ 88_ __ 880______________________ 88__ __ 888_____ 88__________ 8__ __ 8888__ 8880...
  16. aim4night

    just call me amy scissor hands

    i have carpal tunnel syndrome, i had it on and off for 10 yrs. it was healed but came back cause of my job and school, due to typing . so i now had to get wrist braces. thye look like corsets on my hands. so call me amy scissor hands. i gotta wear them during work hours, when typing and while i...
  17. smoothrhythm

    Spike Lee TV Open Casting Call...........

    Listen Up !!!!!!!!!!! Spike TV is casting for its hot new show, MIDNIGHT SPIKE Plain and Simple. We are looking for the New York areas hottest most energetic people to be a part of MIDNIGHT SPIKES: games and prizes, hot celebrities & newest bands performing LIVE just for our SPIKE TV cast. Are...
  18. smoothrhythm

    Open Casting Call..........

    Listen Up........................... Open Call Friday June 11, 2004 891 1st Avenue @ 50th Street (New York City) 10:30PM - 12 Midnight Half day studio shoot (June 12th or 13th) for cosmetic product. Paid assignment. Long hair, fair skinned female model preferred. Minorities strongly urged to...
  19. Krystal

    Roll Call!!!! 4-30-04

    WEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Join us tonight from 8:30pm (Eastern) until... :D We'll have DJ Paradise and crew LIVE from the Nu Image Record release party at the Stealth in Jersey! :shakinboo To chat: For...
  20. Krystal

    Roll Call!!!!! 4-23-04

    Stop by! Say hello! 8:30-10:00pm eastern! :D