1. V

    I will bring freestyle strong again to dallas texas!!!!

    Hi everyone! I go by the name Veterano .. for those who live in the Dallas area, they might recognize me as I am the MAN who has made reggaeton music still LIVE in Dallas. With my website, I do a weekly show with video on saturdays promoting reggaeton, but I...
  2. R

    i miss the heat wave bring it back

    what happ to our heat wave i miss sleeping in the ac llloll.
  3. ChuckD

    April showers bring May flowers....and.....

    your chance to vote in the clubfreestyle Top 10 songs! cf members/artists hitting our top ten have included Caleb B., Nyasia, and Betty Dee. Follow the link below to the new countdown.....and place your votes.
  4. S

    Bring Back Party 93.1 South Fl!!!!

    Here is a link to a petition to bring back Party 93.1. I dont know if it is going to do anything but lets give it a try!!! I WANT MY FREESTYLE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. sexyredrose

    Bring Back The Man

    stright out of no were it all began to change the long days' the long nights' the not holding' me tight the not kissing' me goodnight out of no were you changed' on me opening' the thoughts' that run up down on my mind wondering' were have you gone to leaving me here all a lone fighting' the...
  6. sexyredrose

    Bring You Back

    were did the years' go for iam still stading here holding it together trying not to brake down and cry another year of flowers' and candles' of past memories' relived' every year your not here to spend with us since you been gone we have spread out and gone are sprate ways' and grew apart...
  7. musiclady2424

    Bring the peace home please

    undefined Bring me peace of mind' bring me laughter and smiles'bring me the warmth of your soul' cause right now i'm feeling really cold" Bring me an angel from up above" to protect my family from violence and any harm' keep them safe and sound' feed them well and raise them wise and strong'...
  8. sexyredrose

    Bring back the love

    where did the love go when did it grow cold how can we bring back and hold what we let go to love one another to do unto others' as we would want done to us why let hate play with your fate to descrimenate to lock away your freedom to throw away was left of your free life what happen to...

    what team will bring philly a parade?

    out of the sixers flyers phillies eagles which team will bring a parade to philly before i turn 90 years old?
  10. P

    hey guys ,i goin to bring willie valentine,Sinthia Figueroa,Freeze,Cinthya to A.C NJ

    Feb 13 at club ''TRU''one of the hoot clubs on Atlantic City.any info let me know, PEPE (NOFEAR Promotions).
  11. P

    i want to bring freestyle down to atlantic city new jersy, any body with me.

    let me know if you can help me make it happen :idea
  12. LaNenaDeOro

    bring me back to life

    ok i know its not freestyle, but has anyone seen the video..Evanescene-bring me back to life??? i seen the video and listened to the lyrics...and i love the song ...i can actually relate to it. anyone else hear or see the video??
  13. K

    bring back the vids

    I remeber you guys show freestyle vidoes like lil suzy and tony torres. what happened to them? Could you please bring them back? Thanks
  14. F

    Bring back that ole slang gib

    Remember saying the words: Fresh Mint Dope Stupid Hype Phat Sick Ice Slammin Did I miss any others?
  15. M

    bring back

    who sings "Bring Back, the lover in me, bring back those sweet memories of love."????? and what is the exact title?
  16. E

    Bring Freestyle Shows to Upstate NY

    They should bring freestyle shows to the Albany NY area.
  17. D

    If I was to Bring a Artist with Me from The Bay Area...

    What would you say I should Bring? a) KennyFreestyle b) Sharyn Macren c) Isabel d) Daisey e) Rosalinda
  18. C

    songs that bring memories

    is there a particular freestyle song that brings back memories??? I have a couple that do. But I have to say my new favorite memory was Fantasy Girl by Johnny O. It was me, freestylevet , freestylefreak21 and the legend himself Johnny O. We were at club Arena's down here in south fla and the...
  19. D

    What freestyle act should we bring to Toronto

    What's up my people! I just wanted to know if you had any ideas on a Freestyle act to bring to Toronto this summer to perform inside Palazzo? Please try to be original and give us a good idea who the people would like to see. We are currently thinking of Rockell. DJ Con