1. S

    Tribute To Big Ang Raiola on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on celebrates the life of the Legendary Big Ang Raiola on the March 24, 2016 special episode airing at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Tune in for an exclusive interview with Angela's sister: Janine Detore and her Freestyle music...
  2. S

    Grand Opening For Return Of Freestyle Friday In NYC/Swins's Big Fat Freestyle Birthda

    Finally the Freestyle Music Community has a place to call it’s very own again!! It’s the Return of Freestyle Fridays to NYC at the former Club Noa Noa (Steinway and Northern Blvd across the street from Western Beef) in Astoria, Queens! Come out and celebrate the Grand Opening of this spacious...
  3. S

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show's Big, Bold & Beautiful Launch Party

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show celebrates its move to with a Big, Bold & Beautiful FREE Launch Party at Manhattan Hotspot: Beauty Bar on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 5:00 pm. Come out and be a part of this celebration of Freestyle Music that includes: over 20 live...
  4. S

    Mega Freestyle Event #1: Big Fat Freestyle Birthday Show

    Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy - "The Freestyle Authority" Swins Fontenelle of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show is celebrating his Birthday as Madball Productions presents Mega Freestyle Event 1 "The Big Fat Freestyle Birthday Show" starring phenomenal Freestyle acts: Maribell, Lil Suzy...
  5. S

    Freestyle In A Big Way At Freestyle Universe!

    Tune in to the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time for Freestyle insiders: Delisious Deliza and Swins Fontenelle and see how Delisious pulls a fast one on the always sassy Swins!! It's yet another adventure with these crazy New Yorkers and...
  6. S

    Freestyle Universe's Swins Fontenelle's Big Fat Freestyle Birthday Bash!

    What’s up Freestylers?? Hey, if you’re in the New York City area or if you can get to NYC on Friday, February 24th 2012, you need to be making your way to Arena Lounge (formerly the Lemon Tree) in Elmhurst, Queens: 80-12 51st Ave @ Queens Blvd!! It’s going to be on and poppin with the Big Fat...
  7. S

    Freestyle Radio Show/Next Big Girl Group & More

    Hello Freestylers, it’s me: Swins Fontenelle of Freestyle Universe and I’m super excited to let all of you know that my partner: Delisious Deliza and I will debut our Freestyle Universe Radio Show on starting on Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We...
  8. Angelino

    ((( Big Shout Out's )))

    Just wanted to say hi and to shout out all the old and new freestyle crew.... Club Freestyle used to be my drug back in da days.... lol.... Imma try to post more from now on.... Hope to find everyone in great health and in great spirits.... Special Shout Out's to my buddy.... Myriam Cruz ...
  9. Dianita

    ...and with a big goofy grin

    Once again, I find myself sitting in front of the pc, with that same goofy grin in sweet anticipation, checking the new posts...Oh, have I missed the laughter, the love, even some of the drama. We all know that there was some that just had us shaking our heads thinking "unbelievable....". This...
  10. S

    Big Week For Freestyle!!!!

    Hello Freestyle family! It’s Swins Fontenelle again from Freestyle Universe on Freestyle Universe is blowing up and this a big week for us! For all of you living in the borough of Queens in New York tune in to the Aurelia Show on Time Warner Cable this Thursday at 8:00 pm when...
  11. ElementFreestyle

    George Lamond mentions 'Airplanes' single, Spanish album AND hints @ the BIG DUET ! :D:D:D Triple threat! Look out, here comes GEORGE LAMOND! I cannot wait to hear 'Airplanes' and find out what the big supersecret duet (Freestyle right?) is! Could this be the year that Dreamboy/Dreamgirl is finally dethroned as the greatest duet...
  12. S

    Pictures From Big Freestyle Night @ Lemon Tree

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone had wonderful weekends. Mine was excellent! I’m sure that all of you know that I turned 39 years old on Saturday and that I had a big Freestyle birthday celebration at my favorite spot: The Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens ( on...
  13. S

    Big Freestyle Party at the Lemon Tree February 20th!!

    Hello again my Freestyle friends. I hope that you will all make it to the Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens (80-12 51st Ave. @ Queens Blvd. -- next to Pop Diner) this Friday, February 20th where I'll be celebrating my birthday in a big Freestyle way! MKG will be hosting the event and Mic...
  14. spanishfly053177

    How big is your Freestyle Music CD Collection ?

    Ok, Just curious how big is your Freestyle Music Cd collection, now the rules are the have to be Original CD's (no-cd-r's/mp3'z) and can you name/ list them all, I'l let you all have a head start as I gather all of mine up.:dj
  15. M

    Lookin for Untouchables Juan 2 Big

    Im lookin for untouchables by Juan 2 big peres can any one hook me up thnx and laterz
  16. Dianita

    Holy big fat squirrels, Batman!!!!!!

    Because I'm really bored, and cause they're sooooooo cute, I thought I'd share the pics of my big fat squirrels with my cf family. Unforunately they had to stay behind at the other house, but those sure were some healthy squirrelies.
  17. D

    Big Shout Out To Kieth Kemper

    THE ANTHEM GOD! Damn I dont know whats going on with dance music these days cause they arent releasing fast enuff the great Anthems I got slid to me by Kieth Kemper this boy is ridiculous!! He IS The MAN behind "I cant change your mind" *KTU version* I'll be slappin them down on Friday and...
  18. ChuckD

    A big "HELLO" from Krystal!!!!

    I got a phone call from Krystal today. :) She is doing ok, still in Mississippi with relatives. She asked me to tell you all "Hello, and thank you for all the love!" She also misses New Orleans and looks forward to going back at one point.
  19. imfromqueenz

    Big Shoutout To New Member Fadia

    hey girl.....about time.....heeeheee.....welcome to the funhouse..... :hithere
  20. imfromqueenz

    Super Big Shoutout to Everyone at the show last night

    Its was definitely a big pleasure meeting ya'll.....I had such a great did my guys are really great..... shout out to all my new peeps: :hithere Chuck Bklyn345 LaBettyBoop Nyasia DJ Paradise RioLopez Sietzsounds Edalgiere Pure Trend (ur girl is such a sweetheart)...