1. S

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show's Big, Bold & Beautiful Launch Party

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show celebrates its move to with a Big, Bold & Beautiful FREE Launch Party at Manhattan Hotspot: Beauty Bar on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 5:00 pm. Come out and be a part of this celebration of Freestyle Music that includes: over 20 live...
  2. N

    beautiful comfortable and timbelrand,nike shox,brand clothes,jeans,watch,sandals,belt

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  3. P

    America The Beautiful dance mix

    I heard it on KTU a while back and I also had it on a mixed CD but the CD vanished :huh anyone have any ideas?
  4. crazygirl

    Plus size is so beautiful...

    last week i started anew job.. and i work at a company called Urban Bands.. it's a fashion company that owns Ashley Stewart a plus size store.. and marianne.. a missy and plus size store based in Puerto Rico. well the other day some of the Ashley models came in and let me tell you these women...
  5. C

    Beautiful I's and Beautiful You's, Wonderful dreams

    Subject: I NEED HELP WITH THIS DANCE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!Date: 08-25-2005Author: JasonReplyHey Everyone!, I was in Italy around 1997 and they were listening to alot of dance music then. There was this one dance song i heard that was really catchy and i would like to find the name of. But I can...
  6. Angelino

    Shout Out To All The Beautiful Ladies Of Cf

    PART 2...... One again i have to shout out all these beautiful ladies of cf.....when are yall going to put out a calendar of the ladies of CF.......:fkinaman
  7. P

    WoooHoo!! Love is a beautiful thing

    I'm good for at least till New Years Eve.... ;) I know what it means to HURT SOO GOOD (ouccch) She was sooo happy for what I did for her all day. It was a BEAUTIFUL thing all the time together.. But only one thing.. We was late to see Four Brothers, But she was good with it...She said that it...
  8. DiaMoND_GiRL


    i just want you to knowwwwwww... ur my favorite girlllllll... :lol... i havent heard this song in soooooo long... Memories... :)
  9. La Mas Grande

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful lil girl Amy

    Your growing to fast for me, 9 years ago I held a lil baby and today I'm looking at a minature grown up. I love you . :hbday Sugar Plum.........
  10. SONYA

    50 Most Beautiful People

    Well people has released their annual list...Julia Roberts is the winner :)
  11. Sexyangel329

    Beautiful Day

    It si so beautiful ou today I wore a skirt today since it was so nice its going to go as high as 75 cant wait till summers here it will be so much fun now that Tavian is running around eh enjoyed playing out baack yesterday :)
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~It's Beautiful Today~*~

    Well what a beautiful day it is out there.......definitely spring today and can't enjoy it because my son is sick. I'm sure there are those of you who can't enjoy it either because you're working right? I heard on the news that by Friday night into Saturday ALL DAY it will be raining...
  13. 4eVerFreeStyle

    Snowing on this beautiful SPRING DAY!

    Is it not spring yet? AND IT'S SNOWING RIGHT NOW. Granted, it's not sticking but OMG.... what a season this has been.
  14. LaBettyBoop

    ~**~What A Beautiful Saturday~**~

    The sun is shining nice and bright out there today. Good Morning peeps. :wave Hope you all enjoy your weekend. :)
  15. Angelino

    Name This Beautiful Artist......

    She Is Known For Her Awesome Voice......OK......HERS A HINT.....I'LL BE DAMN IF I RELEASE HER........LOL......
  16. Heavenly

    Beautiful Stranger

    I know of a beautiful stranger Oh how I would love to know him But got to keep my heart from danger And drown all my feelings within His eyes I can see and his lips I wish to kiss His smell is incense burning His touch is silken yet can this be endless bliss I feel my stomach turning He's...
  17. Nyasia

    Second most beautiful poem written for me by my Locas heaven & Nessa

    So much in love We see you two How everything fits So much like a glove We see it in your eyes How they sparkle How they shine Beautiful, We marvel You speak of love and devotion That is what you found You show no confusion You share common ground Step by Step They’ll walk in strive No...
  18. Nyasia

    The most beautiful poem written for me....

    Wanted to express my thoughts somewhere and not even sure this person will read this or even know that this is about them. This is not an attempt at a poem, cause i suck at that. To be safe, this will be written to aim towards a male and/or female... You ever knew someone who you really really...
  19. La Mas Grande

    Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Son

  20. tanktruck

    Keeping Your Relationships Beautiful!

    Here's an article I found that I think is very good a relative. Especially those of us in a relationship or those of us trying to improve our relationship skills.:hearton "Keeping Your Relationships Beautiful..." by Susie and Otto Collins During one of the recent...