1. N

    Nikki Beach Turks and Caicos Anniversary Party

    The night of the Anniversary Party was beyond comprehension!!! The cirque performers were scarily entertaining, the Maxi Priest live performance left nothing to be expected, blew me away and personal assistance was at its best even at its busiest. I mean a thousand people is kinda hard to handle...
  2. Kenny Guido

    Beatstock 2008 @ Jones Beach & Pnc Pixxxxxxx!!!!

    BEATSTOCK 2008 @ JONES BEACH & PNC PIXXXXXXX!!!! KTU'S BEATSTOCK @ JONES BEACH 2008 PIXXXX!!! Ktu's Beatstock @ PNC 2008 Pixxxx!!!
  3. M

    Laguna Beach residents diss Laguna Beach

    Dateline; Laguna Beach, CA: Not everybody is a fan of The Stephen, Kristin and LC tiangle. Many laguna Beach residents have been going to many media outlets expressing the hate they have over MTV's Laguna Beach. They feel the show does a bad job presenting the town. many hate the show portrays...
  4. Edalgiere

    south beach diet

    i am starting south beach diet am 290 :(lbs going to trfy to get me to 250 lbs
  5. M

    Laguna beach 2: Graduation and Parties

    Kristin realizes that it is The End of The begining. The gang graduates. Jessica and Kristin invites old flames Dieter and Stephen for graduation. Looks like LC and J-Wall(Jason) are really hot. Has Stephen really been shut out of LC and Kristin? (Wait til next weeks episode). Alex and Casey...
  6. M

    Laguna Beach 2: Why LC, why?

    Poor Stephen is asking the same thing. First, he maxed out with Kristin. Now, LC did the unthinkable, at her Summer pool Party, she invited Stephen and hooked up J-Wall(Jason). Who expected that? Stephen and Talan should be good friends. Talan at the prom got tossed asided by Kristin. What a...
  7. E

    Boy goes to a nude beach

    A mother and father took their 6-year-old son to the nude beach. As the boy walked along the beach, he noticed that some of the ladies had breasts bigger than his mother's, and asked her why. She told her son, "The bigger they are, the dumber the person is." The boy, pleased with the answer...
  8. M

    Laguna beach 2: Prom Night

    It was that time again. The Kids of Laguna getting ready for prom. Could the guys of Laguna spare me with the fake towings, ape suits and garage setting just to ask a laguna tramp to the prom!!! OK!! How lame. Kristin was worried Talan was not gonna ask her, but she got a date with him to the...
  9. M

    Laguna beach 2: kristin The hypocrite!!

    Last night, kristin shows that she is as bad as Alex and taylor. Her and Alex H had a fiester, Alex invited Morgan S, but kristin told Morgan not to come with Alex M and Taylor. Jessica has moved on from The mack jason onto a surfer dude named Jeff. But behind jessicas back, kristin hooked up...
  10. M

    Laguna beach 2: Stephen finally gets it

    Last night was good episode full of, true colors and writings on the wall. First kristin is torn between having a home cooked meal with the LB Player and future rock star Talan, and going to SF to see Stephen. Like kristin fashion and having her cake and eating it too, she did both. Alex M...
  11. M

    Laguna Beach Player eeerrrr hunk to record an album

    Looks like America is catching Laguna beach fever. First kristin is on the cover of 17 mag, now Laguna Player eerrrrr heartthrob Talan is gonna get to work recording an album. he said his music will be a mix of green Day vs My Chemical Romance. What next; Jason opening up a Players ball...
  12. M

    Laguna beach 2: Cabo, and drama..again!!

    Breaking news, the Laguna Beach kids going to Cabo for Spring is a key for drama.LOL. That took place when Kristen and Alex M and Jessica and her friend went their seperate ways in Cabo. Some friend Kristen is.LOL. Alex m made it a priority to confront Jessica about the whole Jason situation...
  13. M

    Laguna beach 2: Karma hits Alex M

    Looks like Jason is Laguna's true Playa!!!!! At The Bonfire near the beach, Alex M stuck it to Jessica she was now getting banged by her forman Man: Jason. But later, Jason was trying to get Jessica back. WOW Alex M, Karma is something most Laguna Beach chicks are: A Bit*h!! :cat
  14. M

    Laguna beach 2: Finally The Relationship eerr train wreck is over

    Last night : The King of the love triangle Stephen came back to visit with kristen(why stephen?!!) and LC. Jessica and jason finally called it quits!!!!! Jess; what took you so long. I'm glad to see that train wreck is over!!
  15. M

    Laguna Beach 2: Jessica, you still have Dieters number?

    Jessica needs to pull it out. Last night was a pure show that her man Jason is playing her big time by taking pics with Alex. Jessica, open your eyes sweetie. Jason is a player!!
  16. M

    Laguna Beach Season 2. Stephen and LC. Did they?

    Last night was another good episode. While Kristen was trying to make the moves for Talan, LC was celebrating her birthday in Mexico with..... Stephen. The two were very close and decided to stay the night in LC's hotel room with Do Not Disturb sign. HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM, not to disturb what...
  17. Sexyangel329

    Beach Bash

    Whatever happend to the Beach Bash that CF has every year it would be cool to make it an all weekend event throwing a bbq one day where everyone brings something some chicharones and yuca lmfaooooo and then the beach bash and a night at a club with everyone.
  18. M

    Laguna beach Season 2

    Last night was the first episode. I have to say, Kristin runs all over Stephen. Dude needs to know, He controls his destiny, forget Kristin!!
  19. Sexyangel329


    Has anyone been to the beach so far this summer?
  20. latinfreestyle21

    Laguna Beach Season 2

    So whats up Cfer's How is everyones summer going.. Well Is anyone Excited about laguna beach season 2 I think that show is Hot!!!!!!!!! There is going to be alot of drama between Lc,And Kristin.. I wonder who steven Will Get back with.... Any there will be some new kids on the block... I am very...