1. victorvega

    Reggaetton, Salsa, Bachata, Freestyle benefit for Katrina's Victims

    Benefit concert in Passaic New Jersey for the victims of hurricane Katrina. This event will host artists from all genres including, Reggaetton, Bachata, Salsa, Freestyle, Merengue, R&b etc. etc. I will be performing at this event. I will be selling CD’s and all proceeds will go directly to the...
  2. Psycho

    Bachata Lyrics

    Artist: Joe Veras Title: Intentalo tu Me dices que debo olvidarte,por que eso es mejor para los dos..... Joe Veras..Inconfundible... Me dices que debo olvidarte, por que eso es mejor para los dos..pero como crees que amandote tanto puedo mi alma arancarte,quisas para ti resulte muy facil...
  3. P

    Salsa & Bachata the new freestyle!the future is here!

    For those of you who like Freestyle dance music listen to the melodic Latin dance music bachata by Monchy & Alexandra,Aventura and Nueva Era.Songs like "Polos Opuestos" and "Hoja En Blanco" by Monchy & Alexandra or "Obesion" "Cuando Volveras" and "9:15" by Aventura have melodic vocals and smooth...