1. L

    Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Lex 2005 reEDIT)

    FREE DOWNLOAD check it out and comment >> :nutz
  2. latinfreestyle21

    Angelina New Cd

    Hey whats up Peeps Anywaz Angelina is working on her new cd plus I have a new song she is featured on The Team Ft Angelina-Good Girl... Plus some other tracks plus who would you guys like to see angelina have on her next cd I think Frankie J Lil Rob Baby Bash Mariah Carey Cynthia Lisette...
  3. R

    New Cd - Angelina

    Who knows the name of the musics from her new album?? does anyone have the music called Gifted?? This is from her new album too. Do the upload here if you have this music pleasee!!! Keep_Freestyle_Alive!!!
  4. indegruv

    desperate searching for angelina vinyl

    hi all, i am and have been looking for a certain angelina track on vinyl, not sure if it even exists because i have yet to see even a listing for it yet.. the track i want is "i'm so deep in your love" and i would like it either on single, or if anyone knows if the angelina album was...
  5. M

    Angelina Jolie

    What has happened? I see Angelina Jolie the past year on red carpets, the ad for the new Movie with her new man: Brad Pitt( who has more poster of Brad Pitt Most CF ladies or Tank? LOL) Mr and Mrs Smith. She is very beautiful!!! She don't seem to be a wack job like she was before. Now she wants...
  6. latinfreestyle21

    Anything New With Angelina!!!!!!!!!

    Hey peeps whats up.. I wanted to know if there is anything new going on with Angelina... Or If someone knows... Man She's Hot Can sing... She gots it going on.... The last time i saw her was on the Roof.. Performing Gifted
  7. latinfreestyle21


    Hey peeps If you all wanna know Angelina is making a new cd "Angelina's Greatest Hits" Check :::::::::::::::::::: Angelina ::::::::::::::::::::Ou her site and listen to her new Single Its really Good...
  8. P

    Angelina, Lisette melendez, and Despina Vandi vidz for d/l

    Angelina - Tide Is High (she's on the beach) Lisette Melendez - Together Forever (let's do the smurf dance) Despina Vandi - Gia (cool belly dancing) Click or point browser to 1. Click on SHOW ALL on webpage. 2. Download all files of...
  9. pinostyle


    Guy group sings it.....great latin freestyle sound....goes something like this.... There is a rose in spanish harlem I see her dancing in my dreams Her body moves with grace and rythim All before my eyes, my queen???? When I look into her eyes Then I start to realize I could never live without...
  10. Kenny Guido

    ANGELINA @ CLUB OCTANE-Monterey, Cali

    ANGELINA @ CLUB OCTANE-Monterey, Cali Come catch ANGELINA as she performs all her hits at CLUB OCTANE in Monterey, California!! CLUB OCTANE is located at 321-D ALVARADO STREET, MONTERET, CALIFORNIA. 1-831-646-9244 FOR MORE INFO, CALL 1-650-219-5710 This is an ACR PRODUCTIONS in...
  11. DJ RENE G

    Angelina will be on my show...

    this sunday 3/9/03 on the 106.7 JAMZ Freestyle Files from 9pm-12am cst. Log on to to hear the interview.
  12. O

    Big Props from me to TOLGA .....(About Angelina's "Cant Say Goodbye")

    "Cant Say Goodbye".....Yet another example of what a true freestyle song is suppose to sound like today. Theres alot of originality and creativity in this number but Tolga doesnt forget that old freestyle edge. He takes the old and he translates it into something more up to date. He kept in mind...
  13. M

    Angelina on The StyleNetwork

    Right now; I'm watching The StyleNetwork. There is a show called Fashion Emergency, and Freestyle/Dance diva; Angelina is on getting help with her Fashion 911. She's getting a nice makeover for a show in LA( I think this show was 2002). Man she is hot on this episode:drool . As I see, she was...
  14. S

    Listen to Angelina's cd here:

    Lot's of you said you haven't heard Angelina's cd. Well, it's time you did: Go here to hear it:
  15. D.J. Paradise

    FREESTYLE FILE Live Radio-(1-25) 5-11pm--ASHLEY & ZOE LIVE -new music ANGELINA

    First, Id like to apologize for last weeks show. We had server problems due to poor weather. I tried everything i could,lol. I cant anticapate these problems but you know we always make it up somehow. We will run the show from 5 to 11pm. Hope to see you all there. So..... THE FREESTYLE FILE...
  16. C

    angelina's new album v.s. jocelyn's new album

    :blah Of course angelina has already got her new album out , but hold the fort for jocelyn enriquez , she's dropping her bomb next month.Anyway , what do you think is better ? Jocelyn's new album or Angelina's new album ?
  17. D.J. Paradise

    FREESTYLE FILE Live Radio-(1-17) 5-10pm--ASHLEY & ZOE LIVE -new music ANGELINA

    THE FREESTYLE FILE show is TODAY, SATURDAY, January 18 th, 2003 from 5:00 pm to 10 pm E.T., Mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE with HighTech, June & TimDog Come join me and the crew for 5 hours of FREESTYLE music, talk & updates. Join us in our chatroom to mingle with other Freestyle fans &...
  18. I

    i need lyrics to tears are falling by angelina

    can someone please help me find the lyrics to the song "Tears are Falling" by angelina? :1luv
  19. J

    How is Angelina's album?

    What does everyone think about Angelina's "Love Ain't Here Anymore" album? I listened to a few of the samples on Upstairs Records' website, and none of them sounded like freestyle. However, the freestyle column in DMA mentions this album so I assume that it must have at least a few...
  20. M

    Angelina "Love Ain't Here No More" -- GO GET IT!

    Wassup! So I got this cd last week and let me say that its HOT! theres a mix of everything on here, from freestyle, house/club, dance, latin and for freestyle there are 3 songs that have the freestyle beat..."Old School Sound" a good track, "Cant Say Goodbye" (an updated...