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  1. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Feedback on Boatride and/or Beatstock~*~

    The Queen of Hearts boatride with performances by Lissette Melendez and "& MORE" was off the hook! My husband, "& MORE" shouted out "Clubfreestyle"! :yeey I finally met Queensgurl! She is really very nice. I saw Edalgiere. Ed was having himself a good time. Carlos Berrios was there...
  2. tanktruck

    Sexi-Dance and/or Fire -- PAULINA RUBIO's

    Does anyone have the freestyle remix to Paulina Rubio's Fire (english version) and/or Sexi-Dance (spanish version). I heard the freestyle remix in Mexico City over Thanksgiving holiday. Been going crazy looking for it. If anyone can help let me know.
  3. S

    Please help with song titles and/or artists.

    I have three songs which I would appreciate help with. Artists and/or correct song titles would be great. Thanks. 1. Hey y'all let's get retarded now that the party's started! Go! 2. Homeboy's a Scooby snack, his moves are much too slow - dancing like a cowboy, doing the tango... 3. I will...
  4. C

    help-song and/or who sings

    hi, hope someone can help, here it go's: I'm not gonna cry over you no not this time, i won't be your fool I'm not gonna cry over you this love affair is over this one way love is through Thanks guys
  5. SONYA

    Info on Dimi and/or Vita

    Dimi and Vita are two amazing freestyle artists that actually are not all that popular. Ne ways because of that all I know is that they are Canadian and that they are amazing singers. Does Ne one else have ne other info. Thanks WHEN GOD CREATED GINAS HE CREATED ;)
  6. bigMARC

    what's the ToP `10` dance and/or freestyle in Europe..

    just curious from half way around the globe.. peaceouttie, daBigM..;)