1. Sal Collaziano

    Member Photo Albums

    The software has been upgraded to a newer version than most of you may be used to - and has a few added features. One of these new features is member photo albums. Create your own or browse others (once people post a few). They can be found by clicking the "Community" drop-down in the purple...
  2. B

    denise lopez - nolan thomas albums - any good fs toons

    ok i love sayin sorry dont make it right, more dancy to me but a great toon. and i love the vendetta alternate mixes version of too much too late, bangin beats. now i love her voice. i found a sealed lp of her truth in disguise album. but im debating crack it open and hope for some freestyle...
  3. DiaMoND_GiRL

    Hip-Hop/Rap Albums

    At the end of last year alot of (rap) artist came out with cd's. (IE: Lil Jon,T.I.,Trick Daddy,Ludacris.. etc. etc.) Now I have been fans of the artist stated and more. but it seems that the quality of the cd's is going down. It's no longer the same. Is it me ? or are other fans as disapointed...
  4. frankie

    Top 10-best Freestyle Albums Ever!!!!!!

    What are The must Albums to own old/new in FREESTYLE?So whats your TOP 10?Many of my albums paved the way of artists today and the Full-lengths I choose are................................ :georgelam In no particular order...............NO GREATEST HITS or BEST OF JUST ORIGINAL CD's...
  5. 4eVerFreeStyle

    Hard To Find Albums

    oK PEepS. I aM rElYing on you fOr HElp. I uSe to GeT mY ALbums FrOM MeTroPoliTan ReCOrds, buT sIncE I MovED, I HavEN't goTTeN anY MaiLErs and Of COurSe, I HavE NotHinG to ReFEr too. I HaVe MenTIoned In aNOtheR ThrEAd tHAt It'S bEen a WhIle sINCe I'vE PurCHAsed AnyThiNg so I'M A lITTle Out of...
  6. L

    Latin Rascals & Tony moran albums!!!

    Hi everyone, im looking for The hard to find Latin Rascals album "whe she goes" and Tony Moran's "same sun same sky" on Cd, iv'e tried ebay,amazon,half, and gemme and they either don't have em or they are priced way to high, well hopefully someone can help me out with these albums, thanks in...
  7. S

    Need advice on what new albums and compilations to buy

    Hey everybody, I'm back again for a guest appearance. I know I don't come around much anymore so I'm a little out of touch with what's the latest and greatest freestyle to come out. Could people give me some recommendations of some new artist albums and freestyle compilations that are available...
  8. Krystal

    IMPORTANT: Top 10 Freestyle Albums - September 2002

    1 - Willie Valentin - Nothing But Freestyle 2 - Nick Colon - For The Fans 3 - Safire - Bringing Back The Groove 4 - Freestyle Parade 2K1 CD1 5 - Freestyle Parade 2k1 CD2 6 - Johnny 0 - Sounds of My Heart 7 - TKA - Forever 8 - Coro - Coro 9 - N.V. - Some Kind of Love 10 - Rockell - What Are You...
  9. D

    Three NEW Slammin' FREESTYLE albums !!

    Man, is there a HOT album coming to you!! Reminds me of the HOT DAY SOUTH BAY days, when the bay Area was droppin' mad FREESTYLE Classics. I Feel, like we are about to re-live it again, as this summer the Bay Area drops some of the HOTTEST FREESTYLE album to drop in a few years. First we got...
  10. J

    TOP 10 Freestyle Albums - August 2002

    Guys some very important things are going on and we need every members help here - every month to come up with the most talked about #1 - peoples choice Freestyle Albums / Cd's for each month. Each Month ClubFreestyle's Top 10 Will be published here and on DMA Magazine under a CF logo...
  11. D

    Solo Artist Freestyle Albums?

  12. J

    Freestyle Albums

    A.) What are the last three (3) Freestyle albums (either CD or cassette tape) that you bought and paid for? B.)Where did you buy it? 1.) Store (Mom & Pop/Local Store, Tower Records, or some big store in the mall?) 2.) Online Store? (, 3.) Online...
  13. FreestyleChulo

    Stevie B Albums

    where in heck can i get his latest stuff????...i heard from some people that it could be out of print...but then again they can always be wrong...i know he just came out wit the greatest hits...but i have the 1998 version...this one is much better....but i been dyin to get feels so good since it...
  14. Ivan Diller

    Freestyle Xmas Albums

    Are there any Freestyle Christmas albums out there? I remember hearing Safire do a Xmas song once but was never able to find it anywhere. I believe the Cover Girls were on the same CD (which was playing in a store somewhere YEARS ago). Anybody know?
  15. E

    Freestyle unfairness for fans. (Safire, Coro albums)

    It hurts me that I cannot find Safire's or Coro's previous first albums. It's unfair that they no longer are in stock, or found. Music is supposed to be embraced anytime, anywhere. Why are these albums no longer produced, or pressed for more copies? If the music was awesome, which it was, and...
  16. Kenny Guido

    what freestyle artist had the most ALBUMS?

    including FREESTYLE,SALSA,POP etc...... My guess would be Brenda K Starr. & lil suzy covergirls
  17. L

    wut r your best freestyle albums?

    full-lengths: corina-corina sweet sensation-take it while it's hot jocelyn enriquez-lovely/jocelyn lisette melendez-together forever cynthia-thinking about you tka-greatest hits rockell-instant pleasure cover girls-greatest hits compilations: classified dance freestyle vol.1 freestyle greatest...
  18. E

    upcomming albums

    I recently heard a rumor that many of the big freestyle names from the past are currently recording new material and plan to release their respected albums around the same time with hopes to bring freestyle to mainstream radio. Has anyone else heard this or something similar to it?