1. Rookie

    Please Pray for Aim4night

    She was rushed to the hospital monday afternoon with a heart condition. she is doing ok. but they are going to run alot fo tests on her. if you want to send any thoughts or comments please post them here. THANKS GUYS!!!
  2. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday Aim4Night!

    :hbday Happy Birthday Amy! :dancepuff :cparty Hope you have a great day!! :cparty
  3. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday Aim4night...

    :hbday :cparty I hope you have a wonderful day and may your birthday wishes come true! :cparty

    Happy Birthday Aim4night

    happy birthday Aim hope you have a great day Enjoy your Birthday :hbday
  5. Edalgiere


    aim4night is gong to be out of action for awhile her pc died and dosent know when she will be back on if u need to get a message to her and i will relay it to her aim also asked a fav of me and that was to take over her mod duties until she got back but told her that my not up to me