1. ChuckD

    Tuesday afternoon shoutouts

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! Brit' fan Chris-TheNuk ChuckD crazygirl dallastexas Dianita Freestyle Avenger Krystal LMZ Music Inc. marco michelle28 myonlysweetie oppositeme SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 yburgos7
  2. ChuckD

    Friday afternoon shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone on CF now!!!!!! Good to see ya all here! Ashley Betty Dee ChuckD Coro'sGirl demore DigitalTrack DJ Dee X-Man Freestygal James Anthony k7ktu lvhrtz2 melissa figueroa NVDisMa729 PRicanPrince TBomb Unique_Freestyle
  3. ChuckD

    Monday Afternoon shoutouts!!!

    Holla to all the cfers online now!!!! Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Enigma Freestygal joel.nmn k7ktu Krystal lachicabella Lamondfan Latin Nation legit melissa figueroa yburgos7 :wave
  4. Dianita

    Wednesday afternoon shoutouts!!!!

    And a very happy Wednesday shoutout to all those on line... Chris-TheNuk, JOEDOCPA, Melly22, Mr DJ, muzik, myonlysweetie, rbomuc29(?), Sexyangel329, and TBomb!!! And lets not forget all you peeps using your cloak devices!!!
  5. ChuckD

    Monday afternoon shoutouts!

    Holla to all the cfers online now! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD DaveG> Dianita Edalgiere EZE2K3 Freestygal lil_reeses lvhrtz2 Mike4949 Mix It Up muzik Poetry In Motion victorvega
  6. D

    Online Show This Sunday Afternoon Is Cancel Due To The Hurracane Wilma

    What Uppp I Would Not Be Able To Do My Show Due To The Hurracane Wilma Sorry See You Guys Next Week From 6pm to 9pm every Sunday Request Line Or Info Call Me At 786-261-6936 Sorry Guys. Hurracane Wilma Is Going To Hit Us And I Have Leave With I Live At South Miami :( Once again Sorry, Tune In...
  7. ChuckD

    Monday afternoon shout outs!

    Holla cfers!!!! Good to see you all here. beatsfromdapast Brklyn345 Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY chinkstha84 Chris-TheNuk ChuckD Claybricks CrazyGirl Dianita hear say LaIndia320 Latino wit talent mike4949 myonlysweetie NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 Tamara Santiago This Is GoodBye tito puente jr. yburgos7
  8. ChuckD

    Thursday afternoon shoutouts!

    almost go home time!!! Holla cfers!!!! Brklyn345 Cheree Chris-TheNuk ChuckD funktronic JOEDOCPA GCNYC QuEeNsGuRL24 Sexyangel329 sietzsounds TBomb
  9. ChuckD

    Saturday Afternoon shoutouts!

    Babydoll_Lisa BORICUAFREESTYLE ceeblueyezz44 ChuckD crazygirl Dayer EL_BORICUA_72 La Mas Grande orchidgirl raquii RF SEDUCTIVE NENA taezee yburgos7 Holla everyone!!!!
  10. ChuckD

    Friday afternoon shout outs!!!!!

    Holla at everyone on cf now!!! ChuckD Chereè Dianita FreestyleIsMyLife GEMINIPRINCESS Hajas jazzy4u Kylah565 La Mas Grande Lamondfan Latin Nation leandrolopez legit mcolon2339 Munchie2118 myonlysweetie nessa's302 NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 SEDUCTIVE NENA yburgos7
  11. ChuckD

    afternoon shoutouts!!!!!!!!!!

    big HOLLA to everyone here now!!! BigNjboyinCharge Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Dianita Freestygal GCNYC G_I_JOE_EMR joel_12985 La Mas Grande Leigh4Freestyle mizzfrankiej22 myonlysweetie Nyasia QuEeNsGuRL24 Rookie ROXYGURL Sexyangel329 Seductive Nena SpeedTribe susiedeoro1 TIMDOG tinojr. TOURBOSS
  12. ChuckD

    Humpday afternoon shoutouts!!!!!

    Holla at all the cfers on cf right now, instead of working!!! :losmile babygirl559 cArLiToS WaY D.J. Paradise DotComPapi ga5speed02 hitman6749 JOEDOCPA KrackaJack lachicabella Lamondfan latinfreestyle21 latino wit talent NuJerz2001 Nyasia PRicanPrince PURE TREND QuEeNsGuRL24 Sexyangel329...
  13. ChuckD

    Humpday afternoon shoutouts!!!!

    Here's a big hello to everyone online now!!!! BrainwaVVe cArLiToS WaY Dianita Freestyle Avenger Hajas JohnFly5 LaIndia320 LizPA2005 mrmiami muzik NuJerz2001 rock84 SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 susiedeoro1 SuzyD
  14. ChuckD

    Tuesday afternoon shout outs!!!!

    Holla to everyone on cf right now!!!!!!!!!! adsqueen Angel Moreno Capricorn1 D.J. Paradise Itala JohnFly5 kismet67 lachicabella LadyDivine melissa figueroa michelle28 myonlysweetie nessa's302 Nyasia phillys best planchero Quelinda_Melinda Rafael RioLopez Rookie Sexyangel329 SuzyD vip247 yburgos7
  15. ChuckD

    Saturday afternoon shoutouts!!!

    Holla to everyone online right now..... DJ KALYMNOS DJ Soul Enigma Freestyle Avenger GEMINIPRINCESS JohnFly5 mike4949 mizzfrankiej22 mzcrazybtch Papo329 REX3 Entertainment TBomb Unique_Freestyle
  16. ChuckD

    Afternoon shoutouts!!!

    Here's a big "HOLLA" to everyone on cf right now!!! babyrain cratebug D.J. Paradise DENINE1972 Dianita DjCaliente DRC Enigma JOEDOCPA lachicabella nessa's302 Nightrayn NuJerz2001 Nyasia NYC'sfinnest Papo329 payac phillys best PRicanPrince QuEeNsGuRL24 reppin-d-town Sexyangel329 smoothrhythm...
  17. ChuckD

    Tuesday Afternoon shout outs....

    Here is a shout out to everyone online now!!!! 3000GT Capricorn1 CHanEL_GLaMouR_GiRL Chris-TheNuk Dianita DJ Soul DjCaliente Estenze FREESTYLEFRANKIE Hajas hitman6749 NYC'sfinnest oppositeme PAPI SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 yburgos7
  18. B

    Monday Afternoon Shoutout

    ok heres a MONDAY AFTERNOON SHOUTOUT TO ALL CF'RS ON LINE cratebug, D.J. Paradise, DiaMoND_GiRL, HennyLuv159, JohnFly5, michelle28, nessa's302, Nyasia, NYC'sfinnest, payac, QuEeNsGuRL24, Sexyangel329, Vinss-T and to everone who logs on after HOOOOOLLLLLAAAA!!!
  19. ChuckD

    Wednesday afternoon shout outs

    Well, it's humpday, and the place is jumping!!!! Big "HELLO" to everyone on line now. ayna Brklyn345 Company B cratebug D.J. Paradise DjCaliente DJ_EXTACY heidee14 HennyLuv159 lachicabella lawdawg mike4949 myonlysweetie nessa's302 notinjuschillin Nyasia oppositeme PAPI PRicanPrince Rookie...
  20. myonlysweetie

    Friday Afternoon Shoutout!

    angel baby, BoricuaPrincess CandyLandGirl Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD DiaMoND_GiRL Dianita DRC FRIKTIONCA Itala italo512 Jennylicious Kwabena D. La Mas Grande melissa figueroa nessa's302 NYC'sfinnest oppositeme QuEeNsGuRL24 smoothrhythm taezee ThugAnglel And the other CF...