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    "Chapter One - Playing With Love" acapella

    Hi, I'm looking for the acapella of "Chapter One - Playing With Love". Anybody got this? Thanks!
  2. D

    Lisette Melendez - Time Passes By (Acapella)

    Anyone got this on mp3 for sale or trade?
  3. K

    Does anyone have the acapella to Coro's falling angel

    If anyone out there has the Acapella to Coro's falling angel hit me up. Sargent y Kapricho "Revolucionando"
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    once had a cassette with some songs in acapella. anyone have any like this or know where i can find them. also which file sharing network do u use and which is best for freestyle
  5. D

    Tka "x-ray Vision" 12" Acapella, Dub, Club Mixes.

    I have the 12" 1988 Release of TKA's "X Ray Vision" featuring 3 mixes: Club, Dub, and Acapella. Good condition, considering its 14 years old now. Email if interested: