1. C

    F/S: Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB),Xbox 360,Nintendo Wii And also buy 3 unit and get 1

    Descripción We are importer ^ exporter of laptops and mobile phones. We deals on all New brands and models of Digital Cameras ,laptops ipods, ps 2, ps 3, xbox 360, and mobile phones such as Nokia,Motorola,Samsung, and many more at very cheap price, We do ship international and we use ( FEDEX and...
  2. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Xbox 360 wanted

    I can't find no xbox 360, i've been looking all over This morning i was on line at bestbuy and with the people, once the doors open everyone ran upstairs only to find out that they are sold out. anyway can someone anyone who knows a store, or if your from another state i'm willing to pay for...
  3. E

    XBOX 360 are you getting one?

    For those video gamers on CF are you looking forward to Nov 22nd for XBOX 360? I won't be getting one immediately..but if the system rocks out tight games I will get one. I am really waiting for Playstation 3 but that's a long ass wait. Anyways just saw one of their racing games commercial for...
  4. E

    New Microsoft game machine: X-Box 360

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/05/12/news_6124231.html Pic of system
  5. Jennifer_Glass

    Jennifer Glass show moved to Club 360 in New Orleans

    I just wanted to let you all know that I will now be performing at club 360 on April 9th in New Orleans. Club Aqua apparently is shutting their doors. Soooooo......onward and upward, literally. This club is at the top of a 33 story building for those of you who are not familiar. It's a...
  6. Tony G.

    Nu Image 360 to the 2nd POWER

    Your voices are being heard, and you are doing an awsome job. Lets kick it up 2 notches as we get set to hit 360 to the 2nd POWER. lets break "I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" on Commercial radio Latino Mix 105.9 Nu Image representing the Nu School, Hard. Nu Image is ready to make a major impact and...