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Old 04-08-2001, 07:56 PM
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Hey what's up to all the freestyle lovers on this board, well I need some help if all of you can help me out. You see I am an aspiring freestyle artist in the Chicago area, and I am basicly looking for someone to help me hook up with a producer or record label. I have been trying for a while but as many of you already know freestyle is not very popular in this area of the country. I have been told that my vocals are great and that I have great deal of talent. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me and point me in the right direction. My passion for singing is extraordinary and so if any of you can directly or indirectly help me, I would be very grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 04-11-2001, 03:32 AM
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My name is Andrea and I am 23, and live in Virginia. How old are you? Are you male/ female?

First, get a demo of yourself put together. Either acapella of your songs or a song you know really well.Usually it's better if it is your song.Or if you have recorded anything with music, that is always a plus.

Also prepare a promotional kit about yourself. This includes the demo of your voice, a typed bio of yourself (name, age, when you started singing, how you got into it, etc.). Also, if you have performed anywhere,even if it wasn't your music, type up something on that as well. If there isn't too many performances then just write the bio, and try to get a picture of yourself on it.

It's good to have this when sending something to a record company because they know you are serious.Usually it's best to have a manager of some sort because if you yourself try to talk to anyone they won't listen. I know this from much experience.

Once this kit is together, then get in touch with who you would like to work with(or the manager; who should really take care of this).Once the company knows of you, and if they are interested in your kit, they'll tell you to put attention to whoever on it. If the attention part is not on the package, it will be thrown away.

I know some producers. I am going to be working with the Santana Twins from Buffalo, NY. They are awesome. They have recorded artists such as Myrna Li, Jazmine, Susan Santiago, and more.

I also worked with someone in my hometown of Rochester, NY who is just starting out. He's great. It's called Pitch Control Productions. The producer's name is Tag.He's great.A sound like you have never heard before. I have samples of other music that he has done.

Do me a favor. I love helping people out. I honestly think I am going to be a talent scout one day.Lol.

Call my yahoo voice mail and leave me a singing message. It only gives you a minute of time, so if you do this just let me knowwho you are, and then sing whatever you want. I love hearing people sing so much. Especially other females.The number to call is 1-800-699-2466. Then once it picks up you will hear an automated voice.Listen to it until it says, "If you want to leave a message", and so on. The when it asks you to enter a mailbox number, enter 373-378-9537.Then you can leave me a message. :-). I hope to hear from you.

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