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Freestyle Forum: Attn Artists with no label
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Old 05-29-2001, 11:10 PM
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Attn Artists with no label

I Want to be a Club Freestyle Sponsor

I am on the verge of starting my own record label. I am interested in doing mostly vinyl. I have my own crew here in San Anto TX that can produce beats if anybody is willing to send in a raw accapella. It doesn't have to be studio quality, just something to work with until we can get you into the studio.

I am also interested in buying songs from artists that already have a mastered song & are willing to sell it. I want to expose an artist on 12". I feel that an artist gets more respect on a record than on a compilation. On a compilation, an artist does not receive the recognition or seriousness that they should be receiving.

Don't get me wrong I want to also make compilations. But I feel that todays artists are not getting the exposure that they need. I have produced a few cd's (Kool Cutt Kaos "Freestyle Paradise", Kool Cutt Kaos "Freestyle Paradise 2wo" coming in June, DJ Slik "Chance For Love", DJ Cheeto & DJ Slic Vic "Spring Love", "Spring Love 2" coming soon, DJ Infinity "Freestyle Forever 5") to name a few. But as I see it the artist are not standing out or being heard on a one on one basis. I want to give something back to the Freestyle Community.

As of today I have a 10 song cd that is complete & ready to be pressed, but I want to put out a single to support his cd. That is why I haven't pressed it up yet. I have also talked to Jeannie's mother about buying her song "Runaway", so that I can re-release it on vinyl to support her upcoming cd. So, if that deal falls through, I would only need 2 more songs for the mean time in releasing a 12" E.P.

Here is my info: [email protected] or call the CBA hotline at 210-685-4868.

Besides I heard that Jack was going to start charging $5.00 a post & I figured he wouldn't charge me if I was a sponsor. lol J/K
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Old 05-30-2001, 02:10 AM
MakeYaDance MakeYaDance is offline
CF Senior Freestyler
Join Date: Jan 2001
Posts: 4,351
MakeYaDance is an unknown quantity at this point
Also to artists that have releases already

My cousin Marge (Jeannies Mom) has had a public access show on our local cable provider for over 17 years. Her show comes out every saturday at 6pm.

She showcases alot of local talent here in San Antonio. I asked her if I would provide her with footage, would she be willing to broadcast it in her show. She said yes.

My question is directed to any artist here on Club Freestyle: "Would you be willing to do an interview on camera if I sent you the questions?"
The only catch is that you the artist, would have to video tape yourself & have somebody interview you. And then send the tape to me.

I hope that we have some dedicated artist to help promote Freestyle in our neck of the woods.
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