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Freestyle Forum: Broken-hearted
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Old 01-05-2001, 10:51 PM
XPiMpiToX XPiMpiToX is offline
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Hello people. once again im brokenhearted. how does this happen to a guy who ain't even got a girlfriend? it's called gurls leading you on. aint that a puta? a girl leads u on then u see her kissin your they been 2gether and they don't even tell u. man thats a biatch. actuan como quieren estar contigo y luego outta nowhere they right there kissin your vato. its hella mad crazy. i know im only 17 and everything but damn how much more of this shit am i gonna have 2 take...been way too much for the past year or so. freakin crazy all these girls leadin on a poor lil gordito like me. my sadness is too much too type peace out freestylers

PS: how was backdrafts???
~Raul Jr.
El Gordito
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