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Freestyle Forum: hey shordee, this is my freestyle story
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Old 01-12-2001, 03:55 PM
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this is long so spare a few minutes, lol
Well Shordee,

It started for me in the summer of 1989, when i was 17.
I was always a late bloomer (haha). My father was a NYC cop back then. One day, he brought home a tape that he took from some kid. I'll give u one guess... It was the cassette of Stevie B In My Eyes. I listened to it and immediately liked it.
I worked in a toy store that summer, and i met a friend who was really into freestyle. He had this big lincoln with an awesome system. All i know is that he had speakers all over the back deck and behind the seat too!! When i had my hair cut short, it used to vibrate from the bass!! (lol)
Anyway, when we set up tables of toys outside the store, we used to park our cars in front and blast the freestyle!! George Lamond, Cynthia, TKA, etc. and some old skool like Slick Rick's "Mona Lisa". It was a great summer. I knew that i loved this music, i just couldnt get into the clubs that were playing it cause i was too young.
College was a fun time. I belonged to the Italian Society at Baruch College (it really wasnt about Italian culture, It was more like guido culture!!! lol) We had outside parties and hired freestyle dj's, but by the time i was 21, and ready to go club freestyling, it was dying a slow death!! On Jan 1, 1994, i turned HOT 97 on and said "What the >""<:.;* is this??". They had just changed their format.
All i can say is that i listened to tapes for over 2 years, appreciating an occasional freestyle song played on z100 or 95.5. I suffered through the grunge era. I still cant take it today.
Then, finally, someone, somewhere woke up in Feb 1996, and started KTU. I knew that people our age wanted their music back, and KTU took off.
Over the next few years, i was very happy with ktu, but i still didnt really get into it by going out to clubs and really watching for freestyle events. I was just occupied with other things like trying to pass the cpa test and
some other personal things.
Then, finally, last summer, i saw that there was gonna be a freestyle cruise out of pier 11 in manhattan. This was the first time i really went to a pure freestyle event. I went by myself because none of my friends could go. The first person on the boat that i met was Eileen "Blue Eyes".
She was showing me all her freestyle pics in her digital camera, and she pointed out Angel from TKA, who was just hangin out on the cruise probably wanting to see how the turnout was gonna be. I got a pic with him and we talked a bit. I also met Nyasia that night. Nobody can sing "Now and Forever" like her. She's awesome. But the one thing that i realized was that these freestyle artists are regular people just like u and me, except they had a dream and they followed through on it, which is something that takes an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. I have tremendous respect for these people. Meeting all of these artists was really a big deal to me, and i knew that now was the time to finally get into the music that has been a passion of mine for so long (listening and dancing to it!!) This is the opportunity to bring it back and to introduce it to the next generation of freestylers!!!
Eileen told me about this website, and i havent looked back since, trying to go to as many freestyle events as i can. Much thanks to THE MAN, Jack G, for putting this site together. Im very happy to have met so many cool freestyle lovers on this site (not just you anthony lol).
And so FINALLY, in CONCLUSION!!!, i just want to say thank you to Shordee and Rio and all the performing freestyle artists for all the hard work they put in to organize these backdraft events and other upcoming events. I plan to be at all of them. Im a CPA, so i will be busy during tax season until april 15, but after that i am free.
If u guys need any help planning some of these events, let me know. Maybe you need some accounting advice about the new company??? Whatever. I dont mind. This is gonna be a great summer!! Freestyle is comin back and "Stevie B" is comin back with it!!!
later peeps Steve B

P.S. -hey jack, do i have the record for the longest post???

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