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Freestyle Forum: i have awenked once again
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Old 02-03-2008, 11:26 PM
tiger3229_99 tiger3229_99 is offline
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i have awenked once again

my life or should i say soul,
its the only thing that will never get ol,
ive slept for some time,
just thought i would say hi and drop u peeps a dime,
crystal my nice little girl how have u been,
i cant remember the last time we chatted y dont u tell me when,
chuk d could it be,
the meer mortal who once thought he could defeat me,
rember my friend a vampires life has no end,
u can only try to take my life over and over again,
as u see it cant be easy or nice,
as u now witness i have lived more than twice,
to my wonderful friend naya,how have u been,
the last i rember u had meet a nice man,
and u decided to tie eachother with a ring on ur hand,
i hope all is well and ur still singing once again,
dont waste that talent because its not over until the end....
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