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The Predator jumps from the high up tree that he was on. His leap is a great distance showing the strength in its legs. His direction is another tree and he grabs a hold with ease. It climbs down the tree like slowly and silently like a panther stalking its prey. As it moves ever closer Logan remains still. As the predator gets closer and is invisible, Logan still remains still. The Predator is right behind him now and unsheaths its deadly blades and becomes visible.
The predator moves in for a strike and then is blocked. Logan's senses heard the predators steps as well as the swift movement of the predators blades through the air. Logan used the flat of the blade to block on the creatures retractable blade guantlet.

Logan:"Nice try bub! So ya got some deadly retractable blades huh? Well so do I, so let me show you them again!"

Logan unleashes his deadly adamantium claws on one hand while weilding the Yashida sword with the other. He takes a few swipes with the sword and the predator dodges and then the creature knocks the sword out of his hand. The sword goes flying because of the creatures strength and impales into a tree. Logan has no choice he has to fight as best as he can without going into his berserker rage.

The predator grabs Logan and slams him against a tree and then another and another and then another. Logan feels like the winds been knocked out of him. His claws retract during this. Logan comes to his senses and punches the predator's helmet causing a dent. The Predator then grabs Logan and sends him hurling against another tree but Logan twists and turns and then lands on his feet. He then unleashes his claws and..

Logan: "Okay now you are ticking me off!!! You are gonna pay!!! Grrrrarrrrr!!!!!!"
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