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Logan makes his way down to the entrance of the cave and grabs his backpack and looks inside for things to use on his adversary. He thinks to himself."Lets see.. flare gun, dagger, three sticks of dynamite, beef jerkey. Uh can't use beef jerkey. Hmmn those shurikens off the dead ninja's. Nothing much to use. It looks like I might have to use the Yashida sword if necessary."

Logan then decides to face his foe. "Okay I know you are out there bub! I also know your no demon. Demon's don't use energy blasters or laser's. So if you use technology then you are vulnerable so I'm gonna get you! Logan then attaches the dagger to his belt and puts the shurikens in a pouch and also attaches this to his belt. He puts the dynamite sticks in a safe but easy accessable spot. He also puts the falre gun away as well. He then takes a few bites of the beef jerkey and then grabs the Yashida sword. He then clears a spot on the ground and sits down indian style and grabs the Yashida sword and puts it in his lap. He then thinks to himself. "Yashida clan ancestors I am very sorry for what I am about to do. I know I am not worthy to wield your family sword but I face a great enemy and I need to be able to focus and contain the beast within to defeat my enemy. Only the discipline and codes of the samurai can help me. Please forgive me and wish me luck."

Logan then just sits and meditates and uses his enhanced senses to reach out to find his enemy. He awaits the creature. He awaits the predator!

Out in the trees the predator see's this and proceeds to move in close to eventually battle his prey.
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